I am aware of several girls that have engaged in an abortion in their lifetime. Some of them currently are the students while others are the graduates. Most of them did an abortion being teenagers yet, but few were a little bit older. There are important reasons why the girls preferred abortion to giving birth. I have given these reasons in this text.

Some of them argued that their boyfriends denied being responsible for the pregnancies that they had. Others even seized being their boyfriends after realizing that they were pregnant. These women had to terminate the pregnancies for new boyfriends so that to be able to continue with life like any other lady. More so, some of the lovers forced them to make the abortion and since they had no option, they did it.

Another reason was the fear of being punished by their parents. Some girls argue that they wanted to ensure that parents do not know about their early pregnancies. They, therefore, made abortions secretly without making their parents aware of the issue. However, several of them argue that their parents advised them to do so after learning that they were pregnant at early ages.

In addition to the above reasons, early pregnancies led to some women’s abortion. Some women argued that they conceived while very young and could not bring up families so early. This were necessitated abortions so that they could wait until they are mature enough for bringing children up.

Fear of dropping out of the school forced some women to abort. My friend said that she got pregnant while in school. She had two opportunities, either to give birth and drop out of school or to abort. She prioritized abortion, so that she could continue with her education.

More so, extra marital affairs caused some women to abort. For instance, a married woman said that extramarital affairs caused her to abort after learning that she was carrying another man’s pregnancy rather than her husband. She feared her husband’s wrath and this caused her to abort without her husband’s concert.

Ectopic pregnancy caused some to abort. This is in accordance with the information given by another woman who was advised to abort by the doctor. She aborted to save her life rather than dying together with the unborn child.

Lastly, some aborted due to economic issues. Some argue that they aborted after realizing that they were pregnant and had already gotten the planned number of children. They, therefore, needed to do away with the unexpected pregnancies.

Most of these women were not using the contraceptives. However, a few said that they were using contraceptives but got pregnant after committing small mistakes. This happened mostly to those who were using pills.

It is not surprising to me that that out of three ladies, one has ever done an abortion by the age of forty-five. This is because at my age as a student I have already met with very many young people who have had an abortion. Most of them say that they did it as teenagers. According to what I have learnt from them, most of them abort being very young.

In addition to this, most of the college students, who are sexually active, do not like using contraceptives. However, they are amongst the people who have sexual intercourse mostly and not ready to bring up children. This increasesthe percentage of abortions before reaching forty-five years. Lastly, teenagers who have not reached college and are ignorant of contraceptives are among the women getting pregnancies often. Since they are not ready to leave school, they abort. The above explanations, therefore, leave me unsurprised by saying that one out of three women has done abortion.

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