The performance and operation of a tuned Oracle database are really great, also with massive data-sets. Oracle applies to databases with > 100 GB and has extensive experience in running 10 GB servers. The value is not just « raw » and also requires value concern with locking and monitoring of transactions.

Cursor Support:

Oracle, including Ingres and unlike Sybase (before I feel Launch 10), provides cursors that encourage scripting while the output is required. A cursor helps you are doing the processing in row by row. Under ANSI guidelines, Oracle uses multiple cursors per Oracle link.

SQL Dialect:

In the view, Oracle’s SQL language is preferable to someone else in the enhancements that provides across ANSI-2, which is almost the lowest common denominator. Structures including complete feature and keyword decoding are quite powerful in addition to Oracle to regular SQL.

Multiple Database Support:

Oracle will have the greater ability to use the same two-phase commitment method to handle multiple servers in the same transaction. It is best applied in V7. They can transfer very easily where data is collected in a system from the server to server, and have data mirroring, making this is very easy to modify the data position from time to time.

That’s not too easily accomplished with deals from many other suppliers or early versions of Oracle, where you wouldn’t update rather than one server with any reliability in the same transaction. It implied without the recoding of your programs, you could not transfer files anywhere. With V7, the DBA can optimize the position through developers or re-examining the software before the transfer, without pre-planning.


PL/SQL, the functional variants, is a draft ANSI format for DBMS languages of the process. See primary PL/SQL conversation.

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