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  Bamboo can grow naturally without the use of pesticides because it is rarely eaten by pests or infected by pathogens.

  In China, some scientists claim that bamboo contains a unique antibacterial and antibacterial biological agent called « Bamboo Kun ». Because the substance is tightly bound to bamboo cellulose molecules, it remains in the finished bamboo fiber.

  Bamboo fiber has excellent natural functions. The claimed antibacterial and deodorant properties come from the Japan Textile Inspection Association, which found that even after washing the bamboo fiber 50 times, it still has excellent antibacterial and antibacterial functions.

  The test results show that more than 70% of the bacteria incubated on the bamboo fiber fabric cannot survive.

  If bamboo fiber is proven to have natural antibacterial properties, then this is very different from chemical antibacterial agents. When added to clothing, the latter tends to cause skin allergies. Our website is:https://www.qsf-group.com/


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