The most fundamental function of custom universal joints is to change direction. If we need to transfer the torque to another angular space and change the direction of the rotating torque, then we will use a universal joint cross, and this is its job responsibility.

Common universal joint cross in automobiles include: flexible couplings, three-pin shaft universal joint cross, universal joint cross, spherical universal joints, double universal joints, and so on.

The so-called cross-axis universal joint cross means that there is a cross-shaped part in the middle of the universal joint cross, and the shaft forks on both sides are rotating around the cross. Because of the relative movement between them, the cross-axis universal joint cross also achieves the functional goal of universal transmission.

The universal joint cross has a wide range of uses in the mechanical field.

1. The repair tool, through the universal joint cross of the cross shaft, allows the ratchet wrench to achieve multi-angle work.

2. Because the automobile drive shaft has a solid and reliable universal joint cross, even if the engine and drive axle are not at the same height, torque transmission can be easily achieved. In some cars, the positions of the engine and rear wheel axle centers are not at the same height. If there is no universal joint cross, it is impossible to have such a vehicle arrangement.

For off-road vehicles with integral drive axles, cross-shaft universal joint cross are generally used here for the front axle shafts. Because off-road vehicles not only need to achieve four-wheel drive function, but also take into account the steering function (the steering wheel must rotate when the vehicle turns), and off-road vehicles require much greater torque than other vehicles, so the cross-axis universal joint cross It is logically used on it. It is not difficult to find out if you actually look at the cars on the market, but most of the cars that use cross-axis universal joint cross on the drive axle are used for rough work.


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