The science is somewhat mixed on the health benefits of activated charcoal, but as with most other “detox” products, most scientists are skeptical. There is little hard evidence that consuming activated charcoal actually does anything to detoxify the body or improve liver function, but that hasn’t stopped natural health enthusiasts from consuming it, much like turmeric lattes or juice cleanses. Perhaps not surprisingly, natural lifestyle maven Gwyneth Paltrow is an ardent activated charcoal proponent.coconut shell activated carbon price 

“Activated charcoal is amazing,” says Elissa Goodman, a Los Angeles-based holistic nutritionist who’s developed cleanse plans for celebrities like Kate Hudson. “I have used it for myself, my children use it, and we always travel with it. It’s powerful, potent stuff that is able to trap toxins and chemicals in the body and help flush them out so that they’re not absorbed. I think our bodies are really toxic.”

For Goodman and her now college-aged kids, activated charcoal is mostly used as a hangover cure. She also packs it when traveling to places where she’s concerned that the water may make her sick, and believes that it can be effective in helping remove toxic mold spores (which are prevalent in the laundry rooms and bathrooms of many homes and apartments) from the body. “We all have digestive issues, and charcoal can alleviate gas and bloating, which is usually produced by some kind of fermentation in our guts,” she says. “We inhale spores of toxic molds. In places where water is crappy, tap water can be toxic and have chemicals. A lot of people don’t have filtration systems in their homes, so it’s great to use.”

Still, despite Goodman’s obsession with eliminating toxins, she doesn’t see activated charcoal as the kind of thing that should be eaten every day. “Everything in moderation. We get onto these crazes and run with them, even if it’s potentially not that great for us in the long run,” she says. “I don’t think it’s good to eat or drink it all the time. When you’re feeling bad, it’s great to use. When you’re healthy and normal, you don’t need it.” Goodman also knows that activated charcoal can interfere with adsorption of medications and other supplements, which is why she recommends taking it first thing in the morning.


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