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Xinxin Die-casting Factory in Pinghu County, Zhejiang Province specializes in the production of hardware fittings, zinc alloy die-casting and other aluminum alloy fittings, etc. With various mold manufacturing equipment and product surface brightening treatment, we are committed to producing various molds.

Aluminum alloy is the general term for aluminum-based alloys. The main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, and manganese, and the secondary alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, and lithium. Aluminum alloy is the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural material in industry, and it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries.

Zinc alloy is an alloy composed of zinc based on adding other elements. Commonly added alloying elements include low-temperature zinc alloys such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, and titanium. Zinc alloy has a low melting point, good fluidity, easy to weld, braze and plastic process, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, and easy recycling and remelting of residual waste; but low creep strength, easy to cause dimensional changes due to natural aging. Zinc alloy is prepared by melting method, die-casting or pressure processing into material. According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into cast zinc alloy and deformed zinc alloy. It can be used for die-casting instrument, auto parts shell electric pole surface galvanized anti-corrosion, boiler water wall pipe hot dip galvanizing treatment to improve high temperature corrosion resistance, etc.

The difference in die casting process of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy is as follows:

1. The melting temperature of the two alloys is different during processing, the zinc alloy is more than 400 degrees, and the aluminum alloy must reach more than 700 degrees.

2. The processing equipment is different, although they are all called die-casting machines, they are not universal at all.

3. The processing technology and parameters are different.

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Xinxin Die-casting Factory in Pinghu County, Zhejiang Province specializes in producing aluminum alloy die-casting, zinc alloy die-casting and other non-ferrous metal die-casting products. With various mold manufacturing equipment and product surface brightening treatment, we are committed to producing various molds. The main products we promote are car rearview mirror accessories, auto parts and so on. Let’s introduce auto parts below.

Auto parts are the various units that constitute the entire car and a product that serves the car. There are many types of auto parts. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people consume more and more cars, and the market for auto parts becomes larger and larger.

Briefly introduce some auto parts:

1. Engine gasket and cylinder head: cylinder gasket; engine bracket rubber gasket; engine gasket repair kit; cylinder head gasket repair kit; valve cover gasket; other gaskets; intake pipe gasket; exhaust pipe gasket; oil bottom Shell pad

Engine cylinder head; cylinder head bolts; oil baffle plate; oil port cover; valve oil seal; engine bracket rubber gasket; cylinder block;

2. Air distribution mechanism: air filter; muffler hanging glue; air filter buffer glue; intake pipe; muffler; exhaust pipe spring; exhaust pipe bolt; muffler clip; idle speed control valve; exhaust gas recirculation valve; turbocharger Engine; Throttle; Valve lifter; Valve rocker; Valve guide; Timing guide; Timing chain; Timing gear; Intake valve; Exhaust valve; Three-way catalytic converter;

3. Crankshaft and camshaft: crankshaft; connecting rod; bearing bush; thrust plate; crankshaft oil seal; cylinder liner; piston ring; piston; piston repair kit; ventilation pipe; convex gear teeth; convex gear; crankshaft gear; flywheel; oil pump Drive gear; piston pin;

4. Fuel system: throttle cable; air flow meter; carburetor; carburetor flange; gasoline filter; fuel sensor; gasoline pump; fuel tank cap; stop pump; fuel pipe; nozzle; fuel pressure regulator; gasoline Separator; filter screen; accelerator pedal;

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As my country’s Die casting supplier have a relatively large price advantage in the international market, mold products with good export prospects should also be developed as a focus. Moreover, the selected products that need to be developed must be products that have a certain foundation, have conditions, and are likely to be developed. The experts listed the main categories:

1. Auto cover mould. Automobile covering moulds are mainly used for automobiles, and also include covering moulds for agricultural vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. Most of them are large and medium-sized, with complex structures and high technical requirements. In particular, the cover molds for cars have higher requirements. This type of mold has a certain technical foundation in my country, and it has been matched with mid-range cars, but the level is not high and the capacity is insufficient. The current satisfaction rate is only about half. High-end car cover molds mainly rely on imports, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year. It is precisely because of the low level of automotive panel molds, insufficient capabilities, and long production cycles that have become a bottleneck in the development of my country’s automotive industry, and a breakthrough is urgently needed.

2. Precision stamping die. Multi-station progressive dies and fine blanking dies represent the development direction of stamping dies, with extremely high precision and life requirements, and are mainly used in the electronics industry, automobiles, instrumentation, electrical appliances, etc. These two kinds of molds have a considerable foundation in China and have introduced foreign technology and equipment. The products produced by individual companies have reached the world level, but most companies still have a large gap, and the total supply exceeds the demand. There are more imports, and the overall level Needs to be improved.

3. Large precision plastic mould. The proportion of plastic molds in my country’s total molds is increasing year by year, with huge development potential. Among the plastic molds, large injection molds for automobiles and home appliances, plastic packaging molds for integrated circuits, multi-layer, multi-cavity, multi-material, and multi-color precision injection molds for the electronic information industry, machinery and packaging, are new building materials and Although the plastic profile extrusion molds, pipelines and nozzle molds for water-saving agriculture have a considerable technical foundation and are developing rapidly, there is still a big gap between the technical level and foreign countries, and the total amount is in short supply. One hundred million U.S. dollars.

4. The main mold standard parts. At present, the standard mold parts that have a large output in China are mainly mold bases, guides, push rods, push tubes, and elastic components. These products are not only in large demand for domestic supporting facilities, but also have good export prospects, and they should continue to develop vigorously. Nitrogen cylinders and hot runner components have not been produced by professional factories in China so far. They mainly rely on imports. The level should be improved on the existing basis, standards should be established, and large-scale production should be organized.

5. Other high-tech molds. Among the die-casting molds that account for nearly 8% of the total molds, large-scale thin-wall precision die-casting molds have high technical content and are difficult; although magnesium alloy die-casting molds have just started, their development prospects are good and representative; radial rubber tire molds are also the development direction Among them, the flexible mold technology is the most difficult; some rapid mold making technologies combined with rapid prototyping technology and corresponding rapid Power tools die casting part have good development prospects.


Auto parts factory are the basic process equipment of the automobile industry. In automobile production, more than 90% of parts and components need to be formed by accessories. It takes about 1,500 sets of parts to manufacture an ordinary car, and about 1,000 sets of stamping parts. In the development of new models, 90% of the workload is carried out around the change of the body profile. Approximately 60% of the development cost of new models is used for the development of body and stamping processes and equipment. About 40% of the total vehicle manufacturing cost is the cost of body stamping parts and assembly.

In the development of auto parts industry at home and abroad, parts technology has shown the following 9 major development trends:

1. Digital accessory technology has become mainstream

2 Stamping process simulation (CAE)

3. Advanced processing automation of accessories

4. Widely used high-strength steel

5. High-strength plate stamping technology is in urgent need of breakthrough

6. Progressive die is the focus of future development

7. Pay attention to the research and development of high-performance accessories and materials technology

8. Scientific and information management

9. Refined manufacturing of Motorcycle parts factory is an inevitable trend


When it comes to the Motorcycle parts factory, Chinese brands are often unknown. More than one vehicle-owned brand is more willing to choose foreign core components, and we underestimate our own components. For a long time, automakers did not believe in the strength of local parts, and parts complained that local auto brands did not give opportunities. The motorcycle industry developed « abnormally » in such mutual distrust. If parts cannot be developed, the « hollowing » of China’s motorcycle industry seems to have never changed. Today’s motorcycle industry is in a period of urgent change, and the development of local brand components must also be squarely addressed and changed.

In the fierce market competition, automakers, dealers, and component suppliers have formed a complete chain. Undoubtedly, cooperating with component companies that produce cost-effective products will give OEMs a competitive advantage. This requires independent core component companies to become stronger as soon as possible.

The high prices and profits of global component companies have brought « gap » to the development of independent component companies. It is not impossible for us to win with high cost performance. At present, the quality of some types of components in China is comparable to that of « big names ». The price is significantly lower than the other party. In recent years, Chinese forces are playing a huge role in the entire motorcycle industry chain. By organically « linking » them through a macro strategy to promote overall progress, the day when Chinese motorcycles truly become stronger will not be too long. At the same time, it can more effectively achieve the pull of the entire national economy and the promotion of related industries.

To strengthen and expand China’s motorcycle industry and revitalize core components is a long way to go, and requires the support of the overall development strategy. The motorcycle industry has a long industrial chain. In the key link of this chain, China’s own brand components cannot be « absent » in order to form a large global competitive group. Only in this way can China’s motorcycle industry be said to be strong.

First of all, Chinese component companies should be self-reliant and take a long-term view. Concentrate, be willing to invest, value talents, scientific management, and technological progress.

Secondly, automakers must consciously support independent brand component companies. In fact, this is not a simple support relationship but a win-win situation. The latter has developed and grown, and the former can reduce costs and become more competitive in the market;

Furthermore, relevant departments and institutions, including the media, should encourage and support automakers, including joint venture brand automakers, to choose their own parts and products.

Finally, Auto parts factory should be encouraged to participate in component companies, and component companies should be encouraged to participate in automakers, so as to work closely together to form a community that goes hand in hand.