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Lifting columns have become more and more common in life. Next, let’s introduce it from three aspects: application, function and usage.

①Application: Column Lifts have many application opportunities from lifting projectors, podiums to lifting devices out of cabinets.

②Function: Lifting columns have a compact and clean design with great optional Remote Control possibilities. They provide optimal ergonomics in applications for office, home and industrial markets along with the hospital and care sector. Furthermore, column lifts can be used upside down to lift objects up such as for Projector lifts.

③How to use: Our Column lift is a compact 3 section lifting column, which is a perfect choice for a wide range of different applications because the 3 sections allow the closed retracted length to be quite short compared to the stroke of the Column Lift.

The Column Lift is controlled with a simple plug in controller with arrow up and down buttons. Simple press the button and watch the lift raise quietly and effortlessly. Includes a programmable controller, if you wish to set certain pre-determined heights as well as 2 different wireless options

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Other products such as electric linear actuators and Lifting Column can provide linear movement for some objects in the smart home, including anding desks, scaffolds, TV sets and kitchen supplies, thereby improving the efficiency of these devices.

1. Transmission blinds

Using linear push rods and lifting columns, users can independently set the blinds. When the sun is too strong, put down the blinds to prevent the sun from directly shining on the body and realize the automation of blinds and curtains.

2. Recliner

Now more and more furniture can be moved electronically, and the recliner is one of them. In fact, few people know the internal system that makes it work. Electric linear push rods or lifting columns enable this type of recliner to perform multiple movements to adjust the position of the head, body and legs.

3. Kitchen supplies

There are also many places in the kitchen that use lifting columns. Because everyone’s height is different, the unchangeable height will make it inconvenient to use. Proper ergonomics is to prevent body fatigue or injury. For example, adjustable kitchen countertops, adjustable side tables, adjustable spice racks, etc., these appliances can achieve flexibility through the use of lifting columns.

4. Scaffolding

Scaffolds are mostly used in the backyard. Linear push rods or lifting columns are an important part of the scaffold. The height of the scaffold can be controlled by linear push rods and lifting columns. The push rods will assist in tilting the shutters of the scaffold and open the roof to allow sunlight to enter. , Or closed to provide protection in bad weather.

5. TV lifting frame

Another typical piece of furniture in a smart home is a TV lift. The TV lift can be lowered and stored in the furniture when not in use, helping to hide the TV. Furniture manufacturers can achieve this function through column push rods or lifting columns.

6. standing desk

More and more people are beginning to realize that using standing or alternating standing and sitting postures at work can bring more health benefits than just sitting office. The use of the standing desk only needs to click the button to realize the free lifting of the standing desk, and the desktop can be operated up and down at will. In addition, with the development of technology, some desks can even be connected between mobile phones and desks through a mobile phone application. Through this application, you can actually control the height adjustment of the desktop through the mobile device, just like other smart functions in the home same. The application program of this desk also has memory function, calorie recording function and custom sitting and standing cycle alarm function.

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Generally speaking, adjustable desk converters are mainly used in high-end conference halls, advanced multimedia network systems, offices, school classrooms and other occasions. Make full use of the space below the desktop, hide the host and display under the table at the same time, you can trigger the controller when you need to use it, the display automatically flips to 105 degrees, you can adjust the angle of the display screen to facilitate viewing at any time according to the vision; trigger the controller when not in use , The LCD screen can be automatically flipped and retracted to the bottom of the table to prevent dust, theft and moisture, and keep the desktop clean and beautiful. It can be controlled collectively by a centralized controller, or single-screen control and remote control. Such a high-end, intelligent and simple one can be distinguished from broad categories. Adjustable desk converters are mainly divided into manual flips and intelligent electric flips.

The intelligent electric adjustable desk converter is divided into three categories in design.

1. A complete set of flippers with ultra-thin screen, keyboard and mouse; it can be used with only a computer host, which is very convenient and high-end and beautiful. After folding, the display, keyboard and mouse are hidden to flip Inside the device.

2. With ultra-thin screen flipper, this type does not contain keyboard and mouse. If there is only one computer host in a conference room and you want to achieve a unified picture, then this is the most suitable, which can save unnecessary keyboards and The cost of the mouse can achieve high-end and beautiful effects.

3. Simple flipper. The advantage of this type is that you can flexibly choose your favorite brand display screen as a complete set. As long as the installation conditions are met, any brand can be installed. From the material, it is divided into two categories: 1. Aluminum wire drawing material, 2. Carbon steel material. Whether it is a different design or a different material, automatic tv lift will constitute the price difference of the product.


There are more and more LCD screen electric tv lift now, how to choose LCD screen TV lift, then you must understand the development history of LCD screen TV lift, then you will better choose the product that suits your own LCD screen lift.

First at the beginning. The LCD TV lift is a chain drive mechanism. Its disadvantages are unstable lifting, heavy oil pollution, high noise. When the elevation angle is adjusted, a low-power DC motor is used, overloaded, and the motor is easy to burn out. The repair rate is high. The whole lifter uses three A single motor completes all actions, so the structure is complicated, the manufacturing cost is high, the failure rate is high, and the maintenance is difficult. It is very rare now in the market.

The second is the second-generation LCD TV lift. The movable door is controlled by another motor. The failure rate is usually three times that of the entire system controlled by one motor. It is currently an obsolete product on the market. We do not recommend that you choose to use it. The third-generation LCD screen lifter is a lifter with a steel ball track structure. The whole system uses one motor to complete all system functions. It has a reasonable structure, low cost, reliable quality, no oil, ultra-quiet, and low weight. Not easy to malfunction. Currently, products with this structure are mostly used abroad.

One of the most commonly used applications is the aluminum alloy panel TV lift, which has the functions of waterproof, anti-pinch, and stable transmission. Eliminates the shortcomings of chain and rack elevator oil pollution and unstable transmission, the whole system does not need to refuel. The noise during transmission is relatively low among all the elevators, and the aluminum alloy panel elevator will not be as small as a DC motor, and it will not be used with overload, and will no longer have the problem of easy burnout of the elevation motor. This Electric Lifting Column is currently New domestic and foreign TV lifts.


Speaking of desks, I believe everyone is not positive. Its main function is to facilitate the work of employees by Lifting Column. However, when buying a desk, many consumers do not know how to judge whether the standing desk is easy to use or the smart lifting desk is easy to use , So which one is easy to use, lift desk or smart lift desk?

The lifting desk has many advantages. It achieves a more free office and conforms to the trend of the times; the use of a lifting desk can effectively prevent spine and cervical lesions, and control the occurrence of obesity and diabetes; especially for those who want to maintain a good figure For people, it is an indispensable tool. In addition, it can rise and fall freely, is easy to operate, and can automatically adjust the height. The appearance is simple and stylish, which is not only good for physical and mental health, but also increases work efficiency.

The smart lift desk has the same function as the lift desk, but it is slightly better than the lift desk, and the price is slightly more expensive, after all, you get what you pay for. The smart lift table controls the legs of the lift table through the intelligent lift control system Raising and lowering, so as to realize the change of desktop height, raising can satisfy standing office, and lowering can satisfy sitting office. You only need to press the control switch of adjustable desk manufacturers to control the appropriate height, eliminating the trouble of manual control.


The electric adjustable desk manufacturers can adjust the desk to the most comfortable height by touching the switch according to the personal height or the desired comfortable height; and by realizing the standing office, the healthy office and efficient office are truly realized. If you want to sit, sit, and stand. Stand up and down freely.

It can effectively prevent spinal and cervical diseases, obesity and diabetes. The lifting device of the electric lifting office desk can choose the electric lifting column. The electric lifting column is a product developed to realize the lifting of various intelligent furniture working platforms. The product has low noise, large expansion range, stable operation and beautiful appearance. , Easy installation, convenient operation, etc., with the controller, it can realize any height adjustment in the lifting position to meet the needs of free adjustment of the product lifting height. The Electric Lifting Column is a new type of linear lifting actuator mainly composed of a motor, a push rod, a control device, and a casing.


Sitting and working for a long time will put pressure on the cervical spine and lumbar spine, and may have frequent backaches. The stand up desk manufacturer can solve this problem. The standing desk can be adjusted in height freely to achieve sitting and standing alternates. , Have a new office experience.

The installation of the standing desk is generally very convenient. There will be detailed installation instructions in the manual. The accessories are also very complete. The desk legs and desk frame are made of cold-rolled carbon steel, which is very compressive; fixed by screws, heavy and heavy solid.

First, let the desk legs be placed according to the distance, and at the same time fix the middle support rod with screws. Then use screws on both sides to fix the support rod and the lifting bracket, and install the drive shaft, which is the key part of the whole machine. The entire installation process only needs to follow the steps in the manual.

The standing desk has only one motor, which is matched on a desk leg. The motor has leakage and power failure protection, high power output, which is convenient for the desk to rise and fall while ensuring safety.

Screw holes are reserved on the bottom surface of the desk. One is used to install the lifting control box under the desk; the other is to store all the parts and circuits under the desk to make the visual effect cleaner.

The appearance of the electric lifting desk is also very fashionable, pursuing minimalism, and the bottom of the desk leg comes with a non-slip pad, which not only makes the desk stand more stable, but also protects the floor from being scratched. The desk and the bracket are aligned and fixed according to the corresponding screw holes. Install the adapter and fix it under the desk with screws. Finally, you need to install the control panel according to your own habits.

Different from the fixed height of the traditional computer desk, the standing desk can realize height adjustment, alternate sitting and standing, care for the spine, improve work efficiency, and meet the needs of different heights and different people. When the standing desk is raised and lowered, the sound is very small and does not feel very noisy; and the standing desk is lifted and driven by the motor balance drive, and the lifting process is uniform and stable.

Using the lifting desk, regardless of height, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable height, breaking the traditional desk users can only passively adapt to the height of the desk. This kind of adjustable desk manufacturers is very suitable for sedentary office workers. It can relieve the back pain caused by long-term sitting and standing. The user can choose the standing desk to stand or sit and cross use according to their needs. Relieve fatigue.


There are many types of TV lifts, and different tv lift have different characteristics.

1. Fixed TV lift.

This category is the most basic TV lift. This kind of TV lift can realize the function of « hanging up » the TV, which can save space and improve the safety factor of the TV. However, the fixed TV elevator looks like a simple superposition of two steel sheets, but it is not without any technical content. After installation, it is necessary to ensure that family members, especially children, will not cause the TV to fall off or break when moving the TV. In addition, a level can be used for installation, which can help to a certain extent to find the horizontal position during installation.

2. Primary function TV lift.

The primary function TV lift is based on the fixed TV lift, taking into account the needs of some TV users, adding the adjustment function of the depression angle and the elevation angle. This kind of TV lift has a certain inclination adjustment range. This can to a certain extent alleviate the visual fatigue caused by watching the screen for a long time at the same angle. At the same time, the most suitable viewing angle can also be adjusted according to the user’s own sitting, squatting, lying, and standing positions. But the primary function TV lift still has great limitations.

3. Professional function TV lift

From the appearance point of view, the product structure of the professional-grade functional TV lift has been greatly upgraded. The subversive design of this type of TV TV lift is based on the adjustment of the up and down tilt angle, the left and right corner adjustment function of the TV, and the telescopic function of the viewing distance from the wall to the close body are realized. When this kind of automatic tv lift is installed, it cannot be installed too close to the wall, especially in the wet weather.


What is the function of the electric standing desk telescopic device in the lifting table?

The height of a traditional desk is generally fixed, but due to the different heights of users, it will cause inconvenience when using desks of the same height. An inappropriate height may affect the health of the user and the efficiency of the office. An adjustable height desk is extremely important.

This kind of electric lifting table can be adjusted to the most comfortable height by touching the controller switch according to personal height or willingness. The electric lift table is composed of electric lift table, lifting column set and other components. The lifting column set is the core component of the electric lift table. The electric lift table height adjustment function can be easily realized by the lifting column set.

lifting column set can choose electric lifting column set. The electric lifting column set is a new type of electric lifting device developed to realize the lifting of various intelligent furniture working platforms. It is mainly composed of electric push rod device and control device, telescopic jacket and other components. The electric lifting column set has the characteristics of low operating noise, large telescopic range, stable operation, beautiful appearance, simple installation, convenient operation, etc., and its cooperation with the controller can realize the arbitrary height adjustment of the electric lifting column set in the lifting position, which can meet the lifting of intelligent furniture products. Need for height free adjustment. Therefore, the electric Lifting Column is an ideal lifting column set.


In addition to using a stand up desk, what other ways to improve work efficiency.

1. Develop a detailed work plan.

Having a clear goal is one of the ways to achieve efficient work. Only by knowing exactly the goal of the work can you know what efforts should be made to accomplish this goal. The work plan needs to be written down, which can effectively reduce inertia and Procrastination can also ensure that these goals will not be forgotten.

2. Deal with the things that take the least time first.

At the beginning of any work, it is best to complete tasks that are less time-consuming and do not take up too much energy. It only takes half an hour or less to complete, which helps to improve the sense of accomplishment of the work and can also guarantee When doing time-consuming and labor-intensive work, you will not be distracted by these tasks and you can concentrate on those tasks.

3. Get rid of any interference.

We already know that chaos is not conducive to concentration. Everyone’s concentration environment is different. Some people work best when they play music, and some people do the opposite. In any case, you should first determine what environment you are most productive in. For example, some people work most efficiently when using a standing desk.

4. Learn to refuse when the task is too heavy.

In many cases, in order to maximize their interests, the manager or boss may assign work beyond the scope of tolerance, making you exhausted, and you should learn to refuse at this time. Because in the case of excessive fatigue, any method to improve production efficiency cannot help you, and it is the best standing desk in the world in time.

5. Clarify the focus of work.

After setting goals and plans, you can conduct business in novel and interesting ways, which is of great help to increase employees’ interest in work. If many activities required to accomplish these goals are carried out on the table, then a adjustable desk or standing risers can complete tasks faster and more efficiently. A standing desk can indeed change everyone’s lives in a very real way.