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Since tv lift are usually installed in homes or offices, it is very important how to choose a elevator to make the most efficient use.

First, it is necessary to ensure the compactness of the elevator.

When the objects in the room are well organized, the entire space will appear compact, so the compactness of the design is very important. The chaotic space will not only make the space look depressed, it will give people a bad mood experience, but it will also leave a bad impression. If the TV lifting cabinet is used for a flat screen, the space can be measured in terms of height, width and even depth. If you use a folding elevator in the ceiling, you can use a part of the top depth to free up space and maximize the efficiency of space utilization.

Second, the quality of the TV lift needs to be considered.

A good lift should be made of high-quality materials so that they have the ability to raise and lower the TV. At present, the elevators on the market are usually made of aluminum and stainless steel. Such a metal material allows them to withstand more moving pressure and the weight of the TV. However, it is necessary to pay attention to TV lifts designed with different quality materials according to different uses and installation areas.

Third, the weight of the TV lift needs to be considered

The weight of the TV lift is the most overlooked aspect when it is selected and designed, but the weight of the lift is actually very important. In order to reduce the weight of TV lifts, aluminum is usually used as a raw material for designing the main body of the lift. The solidity of aluminum is combined with a reasonable size motor to enable the TV lift to lift a TV of a similar size and weight.

Fourth, you need to consider the stability of the TV lift and the operating sound level

When buying a piece of equipment, whether it will produce a lot of noise is usually one of the important factors in choosing it. When making a lift, you need to consider whether all the parts are properly installed, and the properly installed TV lift is in During the work, there will be no great noise, which will affect the experience of using the product. In addition, the stability of the TV lift is to ensure that the TV can be safely placed on it, which ensures the safety of installing the TV lift.

The best thing to consider is cost.

When choosing and designing a TV lift, cost is also an important factor. At the time of purchase, no consumer is willing to buy an electric elevator that is too expensive, which will harm the interests of consumers. However, excessively cheap products may mean that there is some kind of defect in quality and can not obtain consumption The favor of the people. Therefore, it is best to keep the price of the TV lift at a moderate level. It is not too expensive because consumers cannot afford it, nor is it too cheap, causing consumer suspicion and mistrust.

The above are the issues that consumers should consider when buying Lifting Column, and the issues that suppliers should consider when designing and producing.


More and more people are using standing desk manufacturer, but most of them don’t actually know how to use standing desks correctly.

1. Do not lean when standing

Many people tilt their bodies subconsciously when using a standing desk, which is not conducive to maintaining good health. The correct stance is to keep the back and shoulders straight. When using a standing desk, you should follow the step-by-step principle, first try to maintain a correct standing posture for ten minutes, and then extend the time a little bit.

2. Don’t stand too close to the screen

If you stand too close to the screen, the light emitted by the monitor screen will cause eye discomfort and increase the burden on your eyes, so be careful not to lean forward when standing and keep a certain distance from the table. Proper distance is conducive to protecting the health of the eyes.

3. Pay attention to the water cup placed on the table

When adjusting the standing desk, please note that the more important documents or pictures on the desktop should be kept properly, and also need to pay attention to whether the water in the cup placed on the table will overflow. As the standing desk moves, the table top may sway, and the water in the cup may be accidentally poured, thereby destroying the files on the desktop. Therefore, when using a standing desk, keep the desk space neat and organized.

4. Choose the ideal height

Whether standing or sitting, an ergonomic height is very important. Inappropriate height will not only relieve health problems, but will aggravate these problems. Therefore, before using a height adjustable desk, you need to choose a suitable height when using the standing desk.


The standing desk manufacturer is very suitable for those who have been sitting for a long time. For those who want to change their working posture frequently to keep their bodies healthy, the adjustable standing converter is very practical.

Since the height of each person is different, the adjustable table has the function of flexibly adjusting the height of the table according to the height of the user. The user can arbitrarily choose the height they feel comfortable working with, and utilize the flexibility of the stand-up converter with adjustable height Sex, make the user’s working posture more comfortable. This will allow the user to get the most ergonomically correct posture when reading, writing or using the keyboard.

When choosing to purchase a standing adjustable table, you need to consider the thickness of the metal and tabletop, the location and size of the keyboard space, the width of the standing converter, and the size and thickness of the floor mat used.

A most suitable standing converter should allow the user to achieve the same elbow height as the desktop when sitting, or the elbow height as the desktop when standing, calculated according to ergonomics, which can be selected It saves a lot of time. In addition, when measuring the most suitable height, any point of height will affect the final measurement result, including the height of the floor mat.

All in all, a standing desk or a Lifting column set is one of the ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Now there are more and more stand up desk manufacturer. Standing tables seem to be more and more popular. Why?

First of all, as more and more work is done in the office, more and more office workers will sit at the desk for six to eight hours for a long time, and some may even sit for more than ten hours. Physical health is extremely unfavorable. First, because people consume only 88 calories per hour while sitting, sedentary will lead to accumulation of energy, which leads to weight gain and obesity; second, studies have shown that sedentary does cause some physiological diseases, including diabetes, Hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, so it is imperative to change the office model.

Second, although studies have shown that standing desks are actually not very helpful for weight loss or avoid weight gain, but compared to sitting for a long time, the risk of illness is much smaller. But like sitting in a standing office, standing for a long time can also cause many side effects, including back pain, leg and foot pain and so on. Therefore, it is not advisable to just go to a standing office.

So, what kind of office model is good for people’s health? The height-adjustable desk gives a good idea to solve this problem. Since sitting and standing for a long time are not conducive to health, why not take an alternate way of standing and sitting to solve this problem.

The height-adjustable desk can adjust the height of the desk under different conditions according to different needs, so that it can not only sit up or stand up; in addition, adjustable desk manufacturers can facilitate this process In the process of designing a lot of automatically adjusted desks, it is convenient for users.


The working principle of the Electric Lifting Column is a device that converts the rotary motion of the generator into a linear motion. Its biggest advantage is that whether the lifting column is used for ascending or descending movement, the set program can be accurately executed, and the working efficiency is high and present. Accurate results.

The lifting column is another form of linear actuator. It uses multiple stages of linear actuators, which can provide a longer distance of ascent or descent and contract over a longer length. Its closed platform can be used in office, commercial and medical and diagnostic environments, and performs efficient and accurate operations.

Linear actuators are usually relatively simple devices that convert the rotary motion of a motor or crank into linear motion. The lifting column is a combination of linear actuators in multiple stages. It can double the movable distance of the connected object or platform, so its application is more extensive.

Lifting columns usually need to work in a narrow space to withstand a static load ranging from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds to provide linear motion, and provide accurate start and stop according to customer needs. The application of lifting columns is very wide, including High-end medical equipment, from patient beds to examination tables to mobile applications of medical systems, lifting columns play a vital role in this, enabling medical personnel to quickly move, manipulate and change the position of equipment and patients to perform Lots of tasks.

Due to the compact design of the lifting column, the rugged quality, reliable and safe operation, they are more and more replacing traditional pneumatic or hydraulic tools. With the increase of versatility and the rapid decline in cost, the application of lifting columns It is becoming more and more popular and plays this important role in offices and many other commercial spaces. Another widely used field is the production of height adjustable desk supplier and ergonomic standing desks.


Shaping a healthy work space is conducive to human health. This can be achieved by designing and customizing a standing desk. A custom adjustable desk is actually not as expensive as imagined. Whether it is a multi-person desk, a home desk or a reception desk, the desk is just a desktop used on a flat surface. Different types of desks just add some functions that can meet personal needs.

Over the past few years, standing desks have become more common, and more and more people are beginning to realize the serious impact of a sedentary lifestyle on physical and mental health. The standing desk can greatly improve the status of sedentary. The adjustable desk is one of the customized desks with the highest cost performance.

The adjustable desk can meet the ergonomic requirements when typing and writing, allowing people to sit upright. When using a workbench with an adjustable desk, only a simple adjustment is required to change the position of the entire workbench, and there is no need to worry about recalculating the ergonomic requirements every time you want to change the working posture. These electric adjustable desks all have a memory function, just place their handles and lift the desk up or down. At the same time, these adjustable desks can be fixed at any position where you feel comfortable, and you can easily find the most comfortable working posture.

And due to the maturity of the design, the desks produced by standing desk manufacturer are more and more exquisite and beautiful, and they are small and can be customized according to the needs of customers.


In recent years, a new type of automation technology has emerged as a Motorized Tv Lift. What role does this lift have?

Due to the changes in the needs of modern people, the transformation of TV is also particularly obvious. TVs have become larger and smarter. This is convenient for people to use and also brings many problems. For example, large-screen TVs are often disturbing and occupy valuable space in the entire family. Bright windows and ample room space are the things that should not be sacrificed.

During the installation of the TV, you may encounter the following three problems. First, the TV may block the line of sight, which will make you inconvenient for living and living; second, strong sunlight around the edge of the TV will destroy The viewing experience means that the lighting of the room may be sacrificed; third, placing the TV cabinet in front of the window may affect the use of the window.

In order to solve these problems, there are many methods that can be used, the most convenient and effective is the use of hidden electric TV lifts, which uses automated technology.

The electric lift not only hides the display when not in use, but also frees up wall space and can accommodate multiple viewing angles when needed. We can create an ideal viewing environment for various sizes of rooms or TV screens through a variety of intelligent electric lifting mechanisms. For example, a pop-up rotary TV lift that can be lifted out from behind entertainment facilities or furniture; a TV lift that can be lifted from the ceiling or floor of the bedroom, etc. With just one touch of a button, the Lifting column set will function to show and hide your display from above or below. This is a creative way to hide the TV and integrate it with the room style.


1. Calculate the appropriate height for each office posture. The standing desk can freely adjust the height of the table in a large range, and we can use it to adjust the comfortable office standing and sitting posture. The correct standing posture needs to ensure that the head, back, hips and feet are in a straight line when standing, and the center of gravity is between the two feet. The height of the keyboard should be lower or slightly lower than the elbow height. A comfortable sitting posture requires keeping the shoulders and chest open, keeping the spine bent and fitting the chair to share the pressure. Second, the back should be supported by the back of the chair, the feet should be flat on the ground, and the elbows should also be supported. The height of the chair needs to be slightly higher than the knee joint, which can relieve the pressure on the knee joint.

2. Arrange office items reasonably. The office supplies on the desktop should be facing you, and other items needed for work should be placed in a place that is easy to access, so as to avoid changing the existing office posture during the process of accessing an item.

3. Carry out standing and sitting movements and proper exercise regularly. Since sitting for a long time and standing for a long time will cause harm to the body, it is necessary to alternate between sitting and sitting. For example, there is an automatic screen lock tool or an alarm clock to remind yourself to change the office posture or stand up and walk around. You can drink more water at work. This not only ensures adequate daily intake of water, but also physically interrupts the behavior of sitting for a long time, forcing yourself to change the working posture and take a rest after working for a period of time.

4. Choose a adjustable height desk that can be raised and lowered, calculate the office height that matches the height according to the appropriate height mentioned above, and ensure that after adding the equipment, you don’t need to stack other items up to increase the height.


As the pressure of life increases, more and more young people need to work from home after work. At this time, the use of intelligent lifting tables can achieve office liberalization, which can be a stand up desk or a sitting table, which is suitable for sitting. The new trend of alternative health office. At the same time, as a home desk application, it can be adapted to the needs of people of different heights and meet the family’s office study needs.

The intelligent lifting table is mainly composed of a table frame, a table leg, a desktop, an intelligent lifting control system, etc. The lifting and lowering of the lifting table legs is controlled by the intelligent lifting control system, so as to realize the change of the desktop height, and the lifting can meet the standing office. Lowering can satisfy the sitting posture.

So what are the advantages of the intelligent lifting table?

First of all, the intelligent lifting table can move up and down freely, and can stand and sit alternately, and the stand and sit alternately does not hinder the busy affairs at hand.

Second, the intelligent lifting operation is simple and convenient, and it can be automatically adjusted to the specified height by simply pressing the button.

Third, the intelligent lifting table has memory function storage, users can adjust the function keys to a fixed position according to their own suitable height, which is convenient for use.

Fourth, the electric height adjustable desk is beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers and can increase work efficiency. Experiments have shown that good physical and mental health is of great benefit in improving work efficiency.