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Infrastructure and data center management – water cooling is undergoing a renaissance

If you look at modern businesses, you’ll quickly find the following: a well-functioning IT infrastructure is critical to the competition. Driven by increased digitization, the need for high-performance data centers is also growing. But more efficiency also means more energy consumption. To take environmental responsibility into account, companies must take steps to reduce energy consumption and ensure optimal cooling. Water should make a decisive contribution to this.

Particularly in the field of air conditioning, data center operators are continually looking for solutions for valuable energy savings. One approach: minimizing air transport, with the return to the water-cooled CPU as the most consistent of all approaches. A somewhat less drastic concept is to minimize air transport in the data center by placing the water cooling system as close as possible to the heat generating source.

Several years ago, Huiya Raised Floor Systems in southern Germany, a region traditionally committed to innovation, developed a water-cooled elevated floor under the Huiya Panel brand, in order to fully meet these high cooling demands.

However, this should not be the end of the development of innovative systems around the water-cooled elevated floor. For now, in addition to the Huiya Raised Floor panels, the manufacturer now offers a complete family of products on the market, consisting of the Huiya panel, in the XL and Micro versions, as well as versions V and VDX. Huiya Panel have a fan and heat exchanger installed horizontally, so work above the dew point. However, in the last two variations, V and VDX are installed two V-shaped heat exchangers with four fans. This allows to work with very low water temperatures or, in the case of Huiya Panel VDX, with compressed refrigerants.

The panels combine the advantages of in row and side cooling coolers with a decisive advantage that is unique in data center climate control. You save valuable space in the datacenter. This way, more server racks can be installed within the same rooms than when using conventional cooling solutions. Therefore, the installation of Huiya panels in front of and behind the racks contributes to the aforementioned reduction of air transport in the room. The Huiya panels family includes options in suction or blow formats.

By focusing on increasing cooling capacity, as well as optimizing airflow, the data center raised floor system also allows panels to be placed in the hot or cold aisle, or to combine both types. Another type of installation would be to integrate the system as an additional of conventional coolers in the hot aisle to complement its capacity and redundancy.

As a reference point for other products, the smaller version of the Huiya series, with a power output of 10 kW, offers a maximum power consumption of 140 watts. On the other hand, if necessary, cooling capacities of up to 50 kW per panel can be achieved. With a standard size of 600 x 600 mm for Huiya Panel, XL and Micro, and with 1,200 x 600 mm for Huiya Panel V and VDX, the cooling tiles adapt to all conventional elevated floors, including those of the imperial system, allowing adaptation in existing data centers. The prerequisite for installation is a minimum height of 450 mm. Looking more closely at the technical details, the point load values are 3 to 5 kN. There is a certification according to DIN EN 12825.

You can customize heat exchanger height, performance and/or spatial conditions. The manufacturer’s latest elevated flooring project is a fully customized system for the University of Copenhagen DTU’s High Performance Computing Center. In a special container, a supercomputer consisting of 524 servers and 16,768 CPUs was integrated into 30 racks with a total heat load of 500 KW within 10 weeks of the order.

We were chosen because we were the only ones who could fully respond to the requirements of the University. To meet the demanding requirements, we have resized the devices and fully adapted the regulation controller based on a Phoenix Contact PLC control that has enabled full integration with the installation control system. The customer literally did not have the space to achieve the required performance in the existing space.

Especially universities emerged as the main clients, along with medium-sized companies. The trend towards Edge Computing also adopts the water-cooled elevated floor, as it can take advantage of all the benefits of water cooling with indirect free cooling systems, positioning itself as a highly efficient solution considering its cost and the use of space in smaller decentralized data centers.

For the renowned Data Center Raised Floor supplies as an OEM supplier the water-cooled flooring for, among others, the IT Smart Cage product. It is a complete and pre-assembled data center that, due to its design, aims to overcome the conventional barriers of data center construction and therefore offers the highest possible performance in the available space. 


The NFL season is over and the Kansas City Chiefs took home the Lombardi Trophy. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for football.

For those who love to be the strategists and are waiting their turn to make the decisions, Madden 20 offers the opportunity to take control of your favorite team. One of the best things about this year’s Madden is his expanded new playbook that includes RPO (run-pass option) plays as well as cool skins for new coaches like Kliff Kingsbury and Gar Kubiak on their return. One of the best ways to improve in your Madden games is to find the playbook that works best for you. Each playbook in Madden 21 has a decent amount of standard moves. Knowing which book fits your style of fast passes or runs on the outside is half the battle to find success. These are the best playbooks to use in any Madden 21 game mode, which can help you save Madden NFL 21 Coins.

Best Pass Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

There should definitely be an honorable mention of the New England Patriots on this list, but with Klifff Kingsbury’s addition to the league it’s probably time to try something different. Kingsbury joined the college football ranks, where he coached texas Tech. He has a reputation for being a coach of many passes but with a strong understanding of scattered defense.

There are many fun shotgun formations in the Cardinals playbook, with few of a single runner. Shotgun Cluster is an exciting new package where the closed wing is not glued to the line and is very popular with college football. A closed wing and a half-receiver runner will thrive underneath these play styles with short-yard opportunities.

There are a lot of moving plays from average runners, and it will really benefit a team whose quarterback is accurate but not the great player you’d like to have to make the 50-yard long passes.

Best Career Playbook – Baltimore Ravens

This is a new playbook on most of this year’s charts in Madden, purely due to its uniqueness. Starting with Formation I, you’ll have three average runners on the field and there’s no doubt you’ll be running after the ball.

There are 11 gun formations in this playbook, which really benefits those with a mobile quarterback. This playbook is made for those like Lamar Jackson, but if you have a quarterback who likes to spin around and achieve something, there are many options for plays that can keep the opposition confused. Having said that, there are many shotgun formations and there is a lot of versatility that will allow you to jump between play styles in the middle of the match.

Best Balanced Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Despite the team’s recent performance, there seems to be a consensus that this playbook is the most powerful for offensive football this year at Madden 21. With Jon Gruden’s return last year, this playbook has been completely changed to reflect the coach’s tactical mind.

It is loaded with shotgun moves, with one of the best Gun Trips TE packages in the game, which is very attractive to many players. You’ll have the ability to jump between Gun Bunch TE and Gun Bunch with the same staff, just by changing the result you want to achieve. This is a very valuable thing when you try to play an opposition that is reading your formations to anticipate your moves.

The playbook doesn’t ignore the race, there are some good Singleback formations like Singleback Wing Tigh U that allow you to beat the ball, but also formations like Jet Swepp and Jet Sweep fake. There’s a lot of versatility in this playbook, which means we should expect many to adopt it quickly as they try to discover their preferred style of play.

Best Playbook 4-3: Cincinnati Bengals

If you have a team with a small defensive line and a fast defensive wing, then you’re probably looking for the best option for a 4-3 defense. It is always very difficult to choose between 3-4 and 4-3 as players in transition can take some time in both MUT Coins and franchise.

The Bengals can change that quickly as they come with a 4-3 base but with the useful addition of 46 option, standard nickel, nickel 3-3-5 and tell me. There’s nothing in this playbook that will surprise the opponent, but because of the versatility and simplicity of learning a defensive playbook, I don’t think it can be done better than the Bengals.

Package 46 can be lethal, subscribe to a third and fourth corner as your outside supporters and set 3-3-5 is powerful when spying on a fast quarterback.

Best Playbook 3-4: New York Giants

What makes the Giants’ playbook different is that it has a 3-4 base, but they also have 4-4, normal nickel, nickel 3-3-5, dollar and big dime 2-3-6. This level of versatility in defense is very powerful. This level of adaptability requires versatile personnel who can subscribe in and out depending on the situation, and therefore requires learning to be completely effective, but when you succeed, it will be difficult for the opposition to guess your movements.

Even with base 3-4 there are 5 different fronts to show the opponent: odd, under, over, even and bear. Then add the obvious 4-4 for hasty plays and you’ll have some options on front 7 and 8.

Best Versatile Defense Playbook: Detroit Lions

This playbook remains just as important as last year’s Madden. If you are an advanced player and want the ability to play with your opponent’s mind on every play, then look no further.

Last year, this playbook was famous for containing bombings and these are reinstalled here at Madden 21. Matt Patricia has taken what he learned from the Patriots and although not much success has been seen in the real-life field, he was very successful in the Madden 20. For the defensive pass, there is the dollar package, nickel 3-3-5 odd and 3-3-5 wide. There’s not much you can’t do with the Lions playbook, but great power leads to great responsibility. You’ll need to learn how to maximize your changes to make sure you don’t end up with players in the wrong positions and leaving room for the opposition to take advantage of.

These playbooks are essential to use in Ultimate Team as they provide plenty of variety and costume for your moves.


When talking about raised floors and control room floors, confusion can quickly arise, as these technical floor systems are very similar. More precisely, the control room floor is a special form of the raised floor.

The raised floor is generally characterized by the fact that it forms a raised access floor layer above the actual floor. By installing a raised floor with the help of floor panels and supports, a hollow space is created between the actual and the access floor layer. The fields of application for the use of technical floor systems are numerous and sometimes very different.

The control room floor is mostly used in rooms that contain medium-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear and server cabinets. The control room floor has the advantage that the distance between the supports is larger and the substructure itself (i.e. even without inserted floor panels) is fixed. This also makes it easier to lay heavy cables underneath the raised floor layer. Even very heavy control and server cabinets can be completely wired from below, which can create a cable-free surface in the room. For these reasons, the control room floor is ideal for a data center, a server room, a medium-voltage room, a low-voltage room and ELT rooms.

Since the requirements for each room are usually very individual, it is important to first seek advice from a specialist when planning the raised floor installation. The raised floor specialists from HUIYA analyze your requirements exactly, take over the planning for all technical questions (load, ventilation, conductivity, floor covering etc.) as well as the complete installation of the control room floor.

With our experience in all industries, we have already been able to advise customers on all applications. In this way, you avoid costly repairs through good raised floor advice and construction planning.


Now people are more and more pursuing environmental protection, and the requirements for various home building materials are becoming higher and higher. For example, this homogenous and permeable vinyl floor is known for its environmental protection. Next, let’s talk about the advantages of this homogeneous PVC flooring.

1: The difference in the process

The directional homogeneous through-hole plastic floor is a one-time molding process, while the non-directional through-hole vinyl floor is a multiple-time molding process. The one-time molding process is simple and fast, but the density is very small, while the multiple-time molding process, the process is complicated but the density is greatly increased, which greatly improves the wear resistance and extends the service life.

2: Strong decoration

Homogeneous vinyl floor has a lot of colors such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood floor pattern, etc. The pattern is realistic and beautiful, the color is rich and gorgeous, the cutting and stitching are simple and easy, give full play to your own creativity and imagination, fully meet the design The individual needs of teachers and different users and different decoration styles. And there is no color difference, light resistance, no radiation, long-term use will not fade.

3: Fast installation and construction, easy maintenance

Homogeneous PVC flooring installation is quicker and can be used after 24 hours without cement mortar. It is easy to clean, maintenance-free, and not afraid of the erosion of chemicals such as water immersion, oil stains, dilute acids, alkalis, etc., generally use a mop to mop.

4: Wide range application of homogenous vinyl flooring

In principle, the hardness of the surface is more important. As for whether the whole body is through, it means that after the surface is worn, the color will not be inconsistent. It will feel refreshed after cleaning, cleaning and waxing. But the actual situation is that the price of a cleaning and renovation is not cheap, or buy a wear-resistant, high-hardness homogenous  Commercial & Industrial Vinyl Floor Products product.