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Confidence is key! Feeling sexy is the key to looking sexy – so pick the outfit that makes you feel like a vixen to drive your partner wild.

Be it your beloved red lacy bra or the silk nighty that makes you feel a million dollars, slip into your favorite outfit and watch your partners face light up.

Pick your favorite look

Whilst a cocktail dress and the highest heels possible make some women feel like a princess, others feel their sexiest in ripped jeans and flip flops; in the same way, different bedroom gear will appeal to the sex goddess in different women – so just do you!

Delhi Escorts If you love to look glam, then sexy underwear, big hair and lipstick may get you feeling all revved up. Conversely if you prefer to look effortlessly sexy, then an oversized shirt or crisp white bathrobe will suffice as equally sensual get-up. Thongs not for you? Boy shorts or cheeky briefs will drive your partner just as wild …

Fancy dress

 Delhi Escorts  The last time you did fancy dress was probably at your best friend’s 12th birthday party, but there’s no reason this trend can’t be enjoyed by adults, too! 

Many of us have deep-rooted sexual fantasies (most women love a man in uniform) and a great way to indulge these is to dress up accordingly.

Some like the idea of ​​being caught doing something they shouldn’t, whilst for others sex with an authority figure such as a policeman or teacher is the ultimate turn on. School girl outfits, police uniforms, fire-fighter get-up – the possibilities are endless!


Delhi Escorts Touch is one of the most sexual senses; a huge part of the whole sex experience is down to ramping up the feel factor.

There’s a reason why men love silk, satin and lace (besides the fact that you look like a goddess in them); they feel delicious against the skin!

Slip into lace underwear or a silk night slip and unlock a whole lot of brand new sexual sensations.

You could also do this by using props (fluffy hand cuffs or silk blindfolds).

Always Accessorize

Delhi Escorts Accessories can be super fun in the bedroom – and tend to really add pizazz to your outfit.

Fluffy hand cuffs, leather whips and gags are great for those who like to err on the side of caution, and cowboy boots and nipple tassels are fun additions for those who don’t like to take their sex life too seriously.

Or why not try a themed outfit? Matching your accessories to the time of year can be a great way to bring some fun into the bedroom. A sexy Santa hat at Christmas or a pair of bunny ears at Easter works well to bring some cheekiness into your occasion romp!

As you can see, anything goes – so just have fun with it!

Love your shape

Delhi Escorts Whether you’re delicate and petite or have sexy curves to die for, the first step to enjoying a hair raising sex life is embracing your shape!

Delhi Escorts If you love your legs don a pair of sexy stockings and heels to draw all the attention to your sexy pair. If your boobs are your prize possession then treat yourself to the sexiest push up bra you can find.

If your bum is your prize possession then a pair of cheeky briefs or tiny thong will enable you to show it off with pride.

Finally, remember the sexiest curve on a woman is her smile – so walk into the bedroom feeling confident, sexy and happy and a hot steamy night will certainly be on the cards.

You’re welcome…