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We all need electricity in our daily lives, so the meter that measures electricity must be indispensable for us, so today we will talk about the output part of the electronic energy meter .

The output port of the electric energy meter mainly includes the public display and external communication, control interface, and so on. The public display shows the account number and power of each household in turn and can work continuously for 24 hours, and users can check their consumption at any time. It is not difficult to see that the above-mentioned centralized multi-user electric energy meter is a high-tech product that combines electronic technology, computer technology, and communication technology. It has a small size and can accommodate a large number of households (the area of ​​a 24 centralized multi-user electric energy meter is about 1/3 of the simple centralized installation of a single meter), and it also has the function of « one household, one meter ». It is worth mentioning that there is currently another type of centralized multi-user electronic energy meter on the market. The sampling is carried out separately for each household, but the calculation of electricity consumption for each household is done by the same chip or single-chip microcomputer system. . This type of watch does not have the function of « one household, one watch » in terms of structure or principle. Another problem is that the calculation of the electricity consumption of each household is done by the same component, that is, the calculation of the electricity consumption of each household has to wait in line and cycle. This will inevitably cause errors in electricity metering. The more households, the greater the error.

Many electric energy meters are the same, but their functions are slightly different. The same is true for single phase meter .


We all need to use electricity meters, so we need to know something about electricity meters. Today we will talk about the mechanical kWh meter.

The voltage line and the current line in the mechanical watch are separated. The voltage line provides an alternating electric field, and the current circuit provides an alternating magnetic field. The two alternating fields generate the driving force on the aluminum plate that is less than the middle to make it rotate. This is the machine. The working principle of an electric energy meter.

The measurement accuracy of the mechanical kWh meter is 0.5, which realizes the on-site LED display and remote RS485 digital interface communication, and adopts the MODBUS-RTU communication protocol. It is equipped with a universal (AC / DC) switching power supply input interface. Unless otherwise stated, it is a standard product with a 220V (AC / DC) or 110V (AC / DC) power interface. The working power supply voltage of the instrument is AC / DC: 80-270 volts. Please ensure that the provided power supply is suitable for this series of products to avoid damage to the product.

This is the end of the understanding of the mechanical kWh meter. For more details, please visit the single phase energy meter.


Although we can often hear the three phase meter , our understanding of three phase meter should be limited to this level. So how much do you know about what is three-phase?

Three-phase electricity is firstly three wires and three live wires, and because they are symmetrically arranged in the generator, the electrical angle between them is 120 degrees. China stipulates that the electricity standard is 220 volts relative to the ground, which is commonly known as The phase voltage, from which the voltage between the two live wires can be calculated. Since the electrical angle between the three live wires is 120 degrees, and the electrical angle between the fire and the ground is 90 degrees, the line voltage is 3 times the root of the phase voltage. The value of root number 3 is 1.732. 220×1.732 is equal to 380 in the end. It is not correct if you cannot bring single-phase high-power. We all know that voltage is inversely proportional to current. One kilowatt of power uses three-phase electricity about two amperes. Electric current and the use of single-phase is 4.5A current. Similarly, there are extra-large motors to reduce the current, and a voltage of 660 volts must be used. Others, three-think alternating current is also called alternating current. For example, the power frequency is 50 Hz, that is, the current alternates per second. 50 times, it is exactly this principle. In the case of three-phase balance, the currents on the zero line will cancel each other out to achieve true zero voltage.

The above is the three-phase explanation. For more details, please visit Electromechanical KWh Meter .


The rapid development of my country’s economy has driven the overall level of development of all industries, no matter which industry is essential for electricity demand, so it is urgent to make a good calculation and accurate record of electricity consumption. The single phase energy meter would be a good choice.

The single phase energy meter obtains the voltage sampling signal from the voltage divider, the current transformer obtains the current sampling signal, obtains the voltage and current product signal through the multiplier, and then generates an electric energy measurement pulse whose frequency is proportional to the voltage and current product through frequency conversion. The power pulse signal is sent to the processing by the photocoupler, and stored in the non-volatile memory after calculation, and provides a display.

The wiring of the watt-hour meter is still more complicated. Before wiring, the voltage terminal and current terminal of the watt-hour meter must be distinguished and then connected according to the technical manual. So you still need to be careful when wiring and the same is true when wiring a mechanical kWh meter.


Electric meters can also be called ammeters. With the development of the economy, society, and the times, the styles and functions of electric meters are increasing. Next, talk about the working principle of kilo watt-hour meter.

When the meter is connected to the circuit under test, alternating current flows through the current coil and the voltage coil. These two alternating currents respectively generate alternating magnetic fluxes in their iron cores; the alternating magnetic flux passes through The aluminum disk induces eddy currents in the aluminum disk; the eddy currents are subjected to force in the magnetic field so that the aluminum disk obtains torque (primary torque) and rotates. When the aluminum disc rotates, it is acted by the braking torque generated by the permanent magnet. The braking torque is in the opposite direction of the main torque; the magnitude of the braking torque is proportional to the rotation speed of the aluminum disc. Bigger. When the main torque and braking torque reach a temporary balance, the aluminum disk will rotate at a constant speed. The electrical energy consumed by the load is proportional to the number of revolutions of the aluminum plate. When the aluminum plate rotates, it drives the counter to indicate the power consumption.

In fact, the working principle of electricity meters is similar, and the more popular three phase electricity meter is also the


A mechanical kWh meter is an electrical meter that uses electromagnetic force to make the movable part of the measuring mechanism produce mechanical actions to reflect the measured size. The amount of electricity that a mechanical meter can accept is current, voltage, or the product of two currents. Because the nature and size of the amount of electricity that can be directly accepted by the measuring organization are limited, it is often necessary to use a measuring circuit to convert the measured value into a transitional amount that the measuring organization can accept in advance.

The type of watt-hour meter is indicated by the placement of letters and numbers, and the content is as follows: variety code + group code + program number + derivative number. Such as our commonly used household single-phase watt-hour meters: DD862-4, DDS97l, DDSY97l, etc. Generally speaking, the phase wires are divided into three types: D-single-phase; S-three-phase three-wire and T-three-phase four-wire. There are also five categories according to use: D–multi-function; S–electronic; X–reactive; Y–prepayment; F–multiple rate.

Not only mechanical watt-hour meters, single phase energy meter and other watt-hour meters work like


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Both single-phase electric meters and three-phase electric meters are direct input:

If both single-phase and three-phase meters are direct input, the power consumption of single-phase meters and three-phase meters is the same. Some people have to ask again, will the voltage of three-phase and single-phase meters affect the meter? This does not affect the amount of measurement. As long as the single-phase and three-phase meters are both direct input, just read the above values. The electricity consumption measurement is the same.

Mutual inductance type for single-phase and three-phase meters:

There are fewer single-phase meters connected to transformers, and three-phase meters are connected to more transformers. Pay attention to whether the three-phase meters are connected to transformers. If the three-phase meters are connected to transformers, it depends on the parameters of the transformers. The power consumption must be multiplied by the multiple of the transformer. For example, the specification of the transformer is 5/75A, indicating that the multiple of the transformer is 15.

Actual power consumption = degree * transformer multiple

Single-phase meters measure three-phase electricity:

If a single-phase electric meter measures three-phase electricity, the degree on the single-phase electric meter must be multiplied by 3. The three-phase electric meter reads the above value directly. If a transformer is installed, the parameters of the transformer must be viewed.

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Zhejiang Tianpusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of electric energy meters in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. One of the products we promote is electronic energy meter. If you are interested in us, please contact us: 。Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of electronic energy meter:

①Powerful function and easy to expand

An electronic watt-hour meter is equivalent to several induction watt-hour meters. For example, a fully functional electronic multi-function meter is equivalent to two positive active meters, two positive reactive power meters, two maximum demand meters and Only the loss-of-pressure chronograph can realize the functions of time-sharing measurement and automatic data reading that these seven watches cannot. At the same time, the reduction in the number of meters effectively reduces the pressure drop of the secondary circuit and improves the reliability and accuracy of the entire metering device.

②High accuracy and stability

The accuracy level of induction watt-hour meters is generally 0.5 to 3.0, and the error is prone to change due to mechanical wear, while electronic watt-hour meters can easily use various compensations to easily reach a higher accuracy level, and the error is stable The performance is good, and the accuracy level of the electronic energy meter is generally 0.2 to 1.0.

③The starting current is small and the error curve is flat

The induction electric energy meter can be started and measured under 0.3% Ib, and the error curve changes greatly, especially when the load is low; while the electronic electric energy meter is very sensitive and can start and perform measurement under 0.1% 1b. Metering, and the error curve is good, the error is almost a straight line in the full load range.

④Wide frequency response range

The frequency response range of the induction electric energy meter is generally 45-55 Hz, while the frequency response range of the electronic multi-function meter is 40-1000 Hz.

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The three phase electricity meter needs to measure the maximum bidirectional demand, the maximum demand by time period and the date and time when it is used, and store the data with time stamp. The maximum demand value of the three-phase meter can be manually cleared. The maximum demand measurement adopts the slip method, the demand period and slip time can be set, and the larger demand data on the settlement day can be stored.

When the voltage line is powered on, time period conversion, clearing, clock adjustment, etc., the energy meter starts from the current time and performs demand measurement according to the demand cycle. When the first demand cycle is completed, it starts at the slip interval Maximum demand measurement. During an incomplete demand cycle, no record of the maximum demand is made.

The display content of the three-phase electric energy meter includes the main display data, auxiliary display code and Chinese characters. The display is divided into two modes: automatic cycle display and key display. The display items can be set as required.

The three-phase electronic charge control smart meter has an abnormal prompt function. When there is an abnormality in the operation of the electric energy meter, such as loss of voltage, severe current imbalance, phase failure, reverse phase sequence, etc., the display stays on this code and a light alarm is issued at the same time. Error codes of this digital kWh meter include the following failures: clock error, memory failure or damage.


1. The security of card data of prepaid electricity meter. Although the data of the ordinary memory card is encrypted and processed, the microcontroller in the IC card prepaid electric energy meter needs to complete a large amount of real-time work, so the data cannot be encrypted in a more complicated way. In addition, ordinary memory card electric energy meters are not easy to realize the encryption of the meter A card, but there will be leakage or decryption, and the appearance of fake cards will cause huge economic losses to the power supply department. Although the logic encryption card can realize one meter and one card, so that the system will not crash, but from the mouth of a memory oscilloscope, the key of each card can be easily obtained to achieve the purpose of stealing electricity meters. The initialization card and production card of the above two types of cards form one format, but after the disclosure or decryption, there is no need to purchase cards and electricity. These will cause huge economic losses to the power supply sector.

2. The IC card prepaid meter card meter reading microcontroller program was read, causing the encryption element to be known to hackers. Due to tight schedules or unstable production in many watch factories, card watch microcontrollers use 0TP recording. Many single-chip microcomputers can read the machine code of the solid state and its program due to the comparison during the programming process. The source program can be obtained by disassembly, and the method of stealing electricity and making fake cards can be mistaken by dividing the source program.

3. The anti-interference ability of IC card prepaid electric energy meter and card meter electronic module is poor. If the electronic module card meter has poor adaptability to voltage changes and poor interference capabilities, due to poor anti-interference capabilities such as power supply equipment, microwave ovens or heavy load switches, and no damaged electrical equipment, users will not buy card power, resulting in unconscious stealing.

4. The card meter prevents the problem from leaving traces of malicious attacks. According to speculation and introduction, malicious attackers will insert metal pieces into the booth, causing short circuits and short circuits in the booth. Some nodes use metal hooks and AC 220 volts to burn out the main IC, use DC voltage power to burn out the electronic modules, and add static high voltage.URE is a main control IC method, such as crashing a trace of the digital kWh meter to achieve the purpose of stealing.