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At present, the market share of villa elevator is relatively small, and the understanding of villa elevators is relatively small. First, villa elevators refer to elevators for private use by families, while public passenger elevators are public elevators; the load, speed, and maximum The operating height is usually smaller than that of public passenger elevators, and the door opening method of hand-pulled doors or automatic doors is generally adopted.

Compared with public passenger elevators, the technical specifications of villa elevators are different, which means that in accordance with the manufacturing specifications of villa elevators, elevators that pay too much attention to appearance and decoration and do not pay attention to the safety nature of villa elevators are unqualified. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand the essence and technical specifications of villa elevators.

1. The choice of villa elevator needs to be determined according to the structure of the private residence. The villa elevator generally adopts an elevator structure without a machine room, thereby saving construction costs and construction space to the greatest extent, while ensuring that the appearance and aesthetics of the house are not affected.

2. According to different traction methods, villa elevators are divided into hydraulic villa elevators and traction villa elevators. The hydraulic villa elevator belongs to the traditional home elevator design and has been very popular for a period of time. However, due to its characteristics such as oil leakage polluting the environment, too much operating noise, and excessive power consumption, it does not conform to the development concept of environmental protection and energy saving of the modern elevator industry. Manufacturers are phased out.

The machine-room-less traction villa elevators are widely used because of environmental protection, energy saving, and building space saving. In recent years, the market share of traction villa elevators has increased and the sales volume has increased.


The villa elevator is a kind of mechanical equipment, so it may have a certain impact on the internal system performance during long-term work or operation. If the correct maintenance is carried out, the normal operation of the elevator can be ensured, and the daily work efficiency and basic performance will be improved, so that you will feel more stable and have less noise when riding the elevator. Therefore, correct villa elevator maintenance is the best safety guarantee for customers.

1. Professionals regularly visit for maintenance.

The regular maintenance period of villa elevators is usually 2 months, and maintenance professionals are required to inspect, repair, and replace the equipment parts in the elevator operation through professional equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

2. Lubrication and maintenance of mechanical parts,

3. Whether it is a screw elevator or a traction elevator, lubricating oil is a necessary maintenance product. After a long time of use, its work efficiency will be reduced, noise will increase, etc., so increasing the lubrication of parts is also the maintenance of the elevator.

4. If the villa elevator is found to be malfunctioning in daily use, it is recommended that the owner contact the elevator supplier directly for on-site repair.


In the actual operation of villa elevator, designers have designed a variety of safety devices and adopted a variety of safety measures to eliminate these unsafe factors. As long as the villa elevator is used correctly and regularly maintained and inspected, the occurrence of safety accidents will be greatly reduced to ensure that the villa elevator is a perfect and safe transportation equipment.

Safety protection in operation of villa elevator

1. Hall door and car door

If we want to start the villa elevator, one of the important conditions is that all hall doors and car doors must be closed, and if one door is not closed, it cannot start.

This is due to the mechanical and electrical interlocking devices installed on each door. If the door is not closed properly, the circuit will be blocked and the villa elevator will not start. To start the villa elevator, in addition to closing the car door and hall door, it must also be started when the car top safety window switch, safety gear switch, pit bottom switch, upper and lower limit switches, etc. are in normal conditions.

2. Overload test

Before the completion of the villa elevator, an overload test is to be done. Our test will ensure the normal operation of the villa elevator supplier in the future.


Although the villa elevator does not require mandatory acceptance, the inspection interval cannot exceed one year. The inspection process should focus on inspections: door lock devices, electrical safety devices, grounding continuity, support and suspension systems, devices that prevent free fall and overspeed descent, driving devices and brakes, such as alarm systems, speed limiters and safety gears , Inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway, such as: distance, surface and sharp edges, door protection devices, such as: safety touch panels and light curtains, guide rails and guide shoes, lighting and emergency lighting, emergency operation devices, all signs.

Maintenance method of villa elevator. Routine maintenance uses the eyes, ears, nose, hands, and body of maintenance personnel to observe, inspect and perform simple tests on the equipment and its operating status. Find and solve the fault signs in time.

Regular maintenance is to carry out detailed inspection, repair, replacement, and adjustment of certain parts of the equipment in operation, so that the inspected parts meet the necessary standards, and fundamentally guarantee the internal quality of the elevator lift factory.


The location and space of the hoistway of the home villa elevator are very particular. The hoistway location space determines the elevator and door opening size. It is a good plan to install an elevator in the middle of the stairs.

1. It can be used in the middle of the stairs, in the corner of the wall, and outside. It is better not to block the passage in the middle.

2. Use the door opening width to reverse the hoistway width, and use the top floor height to reverse the car height.

3. The recommended load capacity is 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the inner size of the car is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The relative load capacity of the area can be larger than that of the passenger elevator to increase comfort.

Villa elevators generally have flexible civil construction equipment, divided into two series, civil construction shaft and frame structure, with hundreds of specifications. The frame hoistway adopts aluminum alloy frame, and the glass guard is decorated outside, which has a sightseeing effect. The architectural requirements of villa elevators are relatively simple. The minimum depth of the pit is only 50mm, which is convenient for architects to design and layout; the top floor height is at least 2600mm; it can be installed indoors and outdoors; the building wall does not need to be reinforced with special design, which greatly simplifies the elevator’s civil construction Requirements. The villa elevator does not need a dedicated machine room, only a space that can be placed and the control cabinet is enough; better building utilization: compact and reasonable structure design, the ratio of car area to hoistway area can reach 64%, the largest The use of hoistway area. Apply today’s international new technology, new materials, new technology, long-term use, no oil leakage, no pollution, and effective safety and reliability compared by freight lift manufacturers.


Screw-type lifting platform has become popular in China’s villa elevator market due to its simple structure and beautiful decoration in recent years. Its mechanical principle is relatively easy to understand: a motor drives a nut to connect to the platform, and moves along a screw from top to bottom. Exercise in a closed well frame.

Advantages of screw type lifting platform:

1. Save building area. The screw-type lifting platform should be the domestic elevator product that saves the most building area at present. There is no counterweight, no wire rope, no car wall, so the installation space is small and the shaft utilization rate is high.

2. The civil engineering requirements are low. The screw-type lifting platform has a slow running speed, and because the advantages of the mechanical structure are relatively safe, it does not need buffers, speed limiters and other devices, so there is no excavation of the elevator foundation pit, only a decoration surface The height is sufficient, and there is no need to make special load-bearing ring beams. It can be installed as long as there is one wall, and the civil engineering requirements are low.

3. The structure is flexible, stable and reliable. The screw-type lifting platform can easily open the door at right angles, through the door, and open the door on three sides. It does not affect the stability of the elevator and does not increase the area of ​​the shaft. The screw-type lifting platform has a simple structure and is not prone to failure and easy to damage. With fewer parts, customers save the trouble of later maintenance. From the perspective of its main structure, it is indeed relatively safe and reliable, but how high the safety factor is, after all, it has been less than 3 years in the Chinese market, and it is impossible to judge.

However, the screw-type lifting platform also has certain disadvantages.

1. The mechanical noise is large. Because the motor follows the platform, it is inevitable that the mechanical noise of the motor will be transmitted to the user’s ears. If the user is sensitive to noise, it may not be able to adapt to the screw-type lifting platform. The noise is large, the screw operation noise is very large, and most of the screw is installed in the sightseeing shaft, which is not conducive to sound insulation.

2. The operating speed is relatively slow. Due to the limitation of the mechanical structure, the operating speed of the screw-type lifting platform cannot be made too fast, and can only achieve a maximum of 0.15-0.25 meters per second, which is compared with the running speed of 0.4 per second of the traction type. There is a half of the gap, and users who want to pay attention to efficiency may not like it too much.

3. Without a car, the screw elevator is essentially a lifting plate. Without a car, the advantage is that it saves space, but the disadvantages are also obvious. It cannot be relied on, there is a risk of sliding contact, and there is no sense of security.

4. The comfort is worse than hydraulic elevators. The platform and the screw are directly connected together, and the mechanical vibration will be transmitted to the platform. There is no soft and smooth feeling like a traction elevator or hydraulic elevator.


There are many types of elevators, and the prices of these elevator supplier are not equal. The main factors that affect the price of elevators are in addition to the weight of the elevator, the lifting height of the elevator and the number of elevator floors, as well as other influencing factors. Since the traction machine, door machine and control cabinet are the three major parts of the elevator, domestic and imported products have a great influence on the price of the elevator. In addition, standard elevators and customized elevators have a great impact on the price of the elevator.

The most common elevators in daily life are as follows.

1. Passenger elevators: passenger elevators used to transport passengers, which are more common in residential areas, shopping malls, etc.;

2. Freight elevators: freight elevators mainly used for transporting goods or specially used for transporting goods, which are more common in factories and comprehensive squares;

3. Sundries elevator: transport sundries, dishes or medical equipment, more common in hotels, hospitals;

4. Car elevators: car elevators are more common in car sales companies, car manufacturing or large factories, and are dedicated to transporting cars;

5. Escalators and moving walks: transport passengers in a horizontal or inclined direction, which are more common in supermarkets and shopping malls;

6. Hospital bed elevator: Hospital bed elevators are mostly used in hospitals, and some communities are also equipped with long cars for transporting stretchers and hospital beds, etc.


villa elevator often use the freight elevator model, that is, national inspections are not required. Some villa elevators are actually large freight elevators. Compared with ordinary elevators, the sundries ladder is backward in transmission mode, has fewer safety devices, and the quality of the steel wire rope is relatively slag.

The difference between some villa elevators and ordinary elevators is the difference between freight elevators and passenger elevators, and the difference between some villa elevators and ordinary elevators is the difference between the third-generation mandatory elevator and the fifth-generation traction elevator. Some villa elevators and ordinary elevators are almost the same in structure, but they are very different in installation and maintenance.

In terms of elevator installation, the installation cost of villa elevators is usually low, and many elevator companies are also unwilling to install such villa elevators, and the profit margin is very small. In addition, in many cases, the technology of villa elevators is not guaranteed. They are much worse than ordinary elevators in terms of safety and quality, and ordinary elevators have detailed accountability mechanisms and quality assurance.

In terms of elevator maintenance, villa elevators are usually not regularly repaired and maintained. Compared with ordinary elevators, the safety factor of villa elevators is relatively low.

At present, the market share of villa elevators is relatively small, which is caused by the lax supervision of villa elevators. With the advancement and development of the technology of elevator lift factory, the future development trend of villa elevators is still positive.


Observation Elevators is a new type of elevator, which has been greatly developed and improved in the process of elevator development. Now, more and more hotels, apartments, and office buildings have begun to install observation elevators. This kind of observation elevators are highly ornamental and help the development of observation elevators with machine rooms in my country.

At this stage, the most important consideration for machine-room-less elevators is how to drive the car through the main engine to ensure the normal operation of the control cabinet and how to ensure the correct operation of the speed limiter. This is of great effect to ensure the normal operation of the entire machine-room-less observation elevator .

When installing a machine room-less elevator, it is necessary to use the hoistway space skillfully.

First of all, cleverly use the top space of the hoistway to install the main engine between the car and the hoistway wall. This installation method can make the same driving main engine, speed limiter and machine room elevator remain the same during the stress process, and it is convenient to control the cabinet. However, this installation method will affect the limited load capacity, speed and maximum lift height of the elevator. When an emergency occurs, the steering operation will be more difficult.

In addition, cleverly use the pit space of the hoistway to install the host in the pit. This installation method can increase the rated load capacity of the elevator to a certain extent, and increase the speed and maximum lifting height, but the force of the main engine and the speed limiter will be affected.

Observation elevators are mainly installed on the outside or inside of buildings, and at the same time, the original buildings are reconstructed and optimized. It is generally not recommended to install the observation elevator outdoors. On the one hand, it prevents the weather from affecting the observation elevator. On the other hand, if there is some abnormal weather, the observation elevator may be out of service, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator.

Compared with ordinary elevators, panoramic elevators without machine room have higher requirements on the quality of operation, and usually adopt frequency conversion speed regulation; in general, panoramic elevators without machine room do not have particularly high requirements for speed, because passengers are happy to be outside while riding the elevator The environment and scenery to watch. In the design and installation process of the observation elevator, the partially transparent part cannot be used as the basic load-bearing part. Instead, it is necessary to minimize the trampling of passengers to prevent overweight and ensure the safety of the elevator.

observation elevator is not only one of the basic components for vertical lifting in the building, but also can form a beautiful landscape through its viewing ability. During the design process, it is not only necessary to show the compactness of the space, but also to consider the overall beauty. When passengers take the observation elevator, they can not only have a spacious appreciation space, but also need to improve the aesthetics of the external shaft elevator.


The Observation Elevators, as its name implies, refers to a transparent elevator that allows you to see the scenery outside. Generally used in shopping malls, hotels, hotels or large exhibition halls, the observation elevator has a car, which is mainly operated in a vertical manner, and its speed is relatively fast, about 1-2 seconds per section.

observation elevators are usually relatively safe and reliable, and the transportation efficiency is high. Now almost every country in the world is using observation elevators, and the market share of sightseeing stations is also increasing. It not only facilitates people’s daily life, but the observation elevator also represents the development speed of a country on a certain level, which is very important for a country.

The observation elevator not only looks beautiful in appearance, but also facilitates passengers to ride, and is also very simple in structure. Riding on such a observation elevator can make users more comfortable. In addition, due to electric control, even in the dark, passengers can clearly see each button. Generally, the observation elevator is also equipped with handrails. This design is for the safety of passengers and improves the safety factor of the observation elevator, so that passengers can feel safe when riding the observation elevator. Finally, because the observation elevator can clearly see the outside scenery from the inside, it can bring different enjoyment to each passenger. This is one of the reasons why the observation elevator produced by Passenger Elevator Factory is popular.