Bard details

Role experience

Through songs and legends, Bard can bring hope to places full of pessimism. She can inspire those who are timid and sad to do great things. On the battlefield, she can strengthen and restore the companion’s fighting ability by inspiring the morale of the song, and make the enemy feel fear through the sad elegy, thus changing the situation on the entire battlefield.

 Bard is a career for players who want to help their friends and encourage their friends to continue in the darkest moments. Through a lot of good or evil stories, Bard can restore the morale of his companions or bring the enemy into despair. Despite being able to manipulate weapons, Bard prefers to speak with words rather than swords. Their way of fighting is based on the following principles: Don’t give up hope no matter how things change.

Professional relationship

Bard works well with partners in other professions. Bard is usually a spokesperson for the team, using social skills to gain benefits for the team. If the team does not have a mage or warlock, you will need to rely on Bard’s spells; if you lack a rogue, you can use Bard’s skills. Bard is curious about the more focused and focused adventurers, often trying to get advice from warriors, warlocks and rogues.

Inspire Heroics: Bard ranks 15 or higher, and a Bard with a performance level of 18 or higher can use music or poetry to inspire himself or a single ally with a willingness to receive within 30 feet. Each of the three Bard levels after level 15 can affect one additional partner each time you use this ability. To be able to inspire pride, Bard must sing, and his companions must be able to hear his singing a full round. Enthusiastic creatures have a +4 moral bonus on the grant and a +4 dodge bonus on the defensive level. Exciting pride is the ability to influence the mind. Since there will be a lot of suffering and enemies in the later stage, it is recommended that players buy WOW Classic Boosting, which can help you to upgrade quickly, even without your hands, our players will help you solve all the difficulties online and help you. Quick upgrade.

Inspire Greatness: Bard ranks 9 or higher, and a Bard with a performance level of 12 or higher can use music and poetry to inspire himself or a single companion within 30 feet to give him extra combat power. After each level of 9th level, you can additionally affect 1 companion each time you use this ability (2 at level 12, 3 at level 15, 3 at level 19). To use the booster, Bard must sing, and the companion must be able to hear his singing. The affected creature gains two additional health values, the corresponding temporary health value (the bonus health value is added to each bonus health value), the +2 performance bonus on the attack check, and the +1 performance bonus on the Fortitude check. . These rewarded health values ​​are considered normal health when deciding on spell effects that depend on health. Boosting power is the ability to influence the mind. At the same time, Buy WOW Classic Gold is highly recommended in the game, it can help you quickly increase the morale value and your attack ability, to avoid the situation of excessive disparity between players.

Inspire Courage: A Bard with a level of performance level 3 or higher can use singing or poetry to inspire the courage of allies (including yourself) to inspire them to fight fear and improve combat. In order to be able to get this effect, allies must be able to hear Bard singing. This effect is valid for the duration of the song and continues for the next 5 rounds. Affected allies can be protected against temptations and fears and add a little morale, with a little morale on attacks and weapon damage. After the 8th level, the value will increase by 1 with the number of Bards (8 levels + 2, 14 levels + 3, 20 levels + 4). Inspiring courage is the ability to influence the mind.


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