One of the more interesting criticisms I have seen is that the tribe was too cruel for some of the atrocities they committed, especially early in the war. Will there be more liquidations in the future?

Game developers don’t want to spoil too much, but you will see the perspectives of world leaders and how they got together in the later stages of N’Zoth. At first, the tribe under Sylvanas seemed to have done something terrible. Why not hold them accountable now? Well, you will see some different perspectives from the perspective of the league. You might see Anduin fighting for peace all her life, and someone like Tyrande whose culture was destroyed by what Sylvanas did and she would have a hard time accepting those things. Undoubtedly, different views of what happened between different alliance and tribal leaders will be the key to the future storyline. Players will participate in the wheel battle for WOW Classic Gold.

What is the goal of this update? Is it about ending a story, or is it about transitioning the narrative to shadowlands?

I think this update still has a lot of features. As far as the old gods story is concerned, we bring everything that happened in the war behind the scenes, giving players the truly satisfying ending we want, while also focusing on the future. The best thing about this game is that the story continues. You will see some new characters affected, but we always try to make players understand that the world is not just a moment or a certain person. There are many other things besides this.

One thing we try to do is use WoW to develop our storyline. Early extensions were very independent experiences. The burning expedition begins and ends. It’s as if we closed the book and opened the next Wrath of the Lich King. In a recent extension, the developer deliberately set some amazing details with the Classic WOW Gold bonus. The Pandaria incident led to the introduction of Draenor’s warlords into the Legion. Players hope this trend will continue.

Although « The Vision of N’Zoth » did draw a happy ending to many of the themes of the « Battle of Azeroth », players can still find a lot of clues from this expansion. We think this is a fascinating way to tell the story of this vibrant world, which has many characters that players love and care about. This is a great opportunity to tell their story and share their views on the world of Azeroth and other fields.

I think the best way to describe it is continuous dialogue. When we fought for Azeroth, we knew that we wanted to create the concept of the race of the Alliance, and we talked a lot about different races. When we built one league game after another, we learned something useful and useless. We are also starting to get feedback from players about what they want to see. This is the result of the development team putting all these factors together.


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