But there are a lot more things to wow classic gold be worried about like planet fans. Not to mention that the bosses have very little to do with avoiding a specific ability, look at almost any fight in BWL/MC. You can’t avoid 80 percent of the abilities as well as the ones that you can most of them do not have a large visual side to it. The only mechanic would be chromag breath mechanic and you los it according to a timer. So that won’t be even impacted by the upgraded images. The majority of the mechanisms you have to bargain with you’ll manage by simply taking the hit and pop a resistance kettle to reduce incoming damage. Once again why bother whining about the graphics? The »issue » with all the loot trading is a null issue. Should you targetting a specific thing you would either just not encourage other fabric players or merely reserve the product, so the concept of bringing 3-4 fabric courses won’t really matter since its already done only in another way.

The whole reason to attract 4 cloth players to a dungeon is because of private loot because you’ve got a greater prospect of obtaining a fabric piece of gear so that notion just doesn’t actually translate around to classic. If you enter a set of players in which they are needing on loot to their friend, yes you will encounter that but because of the way the community would operate, people would quickly be unwilling to not invite them to classes. People like this get weeded out fast. Regarding the entire sharding problem it is something we are going to have to wait and watch, but the idea that its going to ruin the community is simply flat out wrong. The concept is just to use it when a particular area has an number of players inside.

If you want to run around with 500+ players trying to loot one thing from the barrens and waiting for hours for this 1 item well that is your prerogative but imo that is not what makes timeless fun. I trust the team knows that and will limit the use of it and just use it once you have instances where the server cannot handle a significant number of players in areas. Look this might be unpopular but having ever youtuber and streamer pick apart every little thing that the development group does enjoy »oh colorblind mode that not actual classic » or even »the shaders are different UNPLAYABLE » such as light’s hope gold buying your setting yourself and the neighborhood disappointment.


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