According to the function of the axle, the axle only bearing supplier the role of the radial force of the rotating body and does not transmit torque. For example, the front axle of a bicycle is a fixed axle, and the axle does not participate in rotation. The wheel axle of a train car It is also a spindle, but when the wheel is running, the axle and the wheel rotate together;

The drive shaft only serves to transmit rotational torque. For example, a shaft between the truck engine and the rear axle is connected to the gearbox and rear axle by universal joints at both ends to transmit the torque output from the engine to the rear axle and drive the wheels. Turn, this is the drive shaft.

The rotating shaft is the shaft that undertakes the common tasks of the first two. For example, the gear shaft in the gearbox not only undertakes the vertical action and force on the shaft during gear transmission, but also transmits torque to the next stage. This shaft is called the rotating shaft.

common error:

Shaft wear is a common equipment problem during shaft use. It is mainly caused by the metal characteristics of the shaft: although the metal has high hardness, it has poor concession, cannot be restored after deformation, and has poor impact resistance, so it is easy to cause adhesive wear, abrasive wear, Fatigue wear, fretting wear, etc. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect. Only when the machine has high temperature, large beating amplitude, abnormal noise, etc., can it be noticed. However, when people find out, most of the U-Joint With 4 Grooved Round Bearings have worn out, causing the machine to stop.


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