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Up your communication skills , talk to our kwalitycert masters who are available for you to coach and on how to get your business and process certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001,ISO 22000,ISO 27001,ISO 20000-1 and HACCP.

If your employees and external parties are going through strong downs, this is because they need to communicate more in real effective way. One o f the key important skills to have in business are being able to communicate effectively. We all have experienced this fact that when employees or clients who struggle to convey a message in a way that will persuade people to act. Is truly irritating.

Even if you believe that you have a strong communication hierarchy in your organization, you might realize situations where no matter how clear the message, you can feel that there is a disconnect. Effective communication resolves conflicts, injects information, pushes understanding and in the end strengthens the relationship.

The key to effective communication understanding, how communication models actually work. How are you connecting with those around you? Are you practicing good communication? What communication style are you using to convey your message?

Key ISO 9001 standard is the tool to improve your communication system within your organization. When implemented through a right consulting agency “Kwalitycert “you will get right advice on how to improve.

What is ISO 9001 stand for?

ISO 9001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations implement the requirements of the standard and demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements

What are ISO 9001 requirements?

A corporation running business in Bangalore must produce legal documents and several other internal process related documents like procedures, policies and records along with the audit report to get the compliance certificate. The internal process documents, policies and procedure report that the corporation is able to produce the quality product and services consistently.

Kwalitycert’s ISO coaches will draw clean communication techniques to bridge the communication gap for your organization.

Step 1: Build Strong Rapport 

Most of the times you instantly have a good rapport with someone; most of the times, it takes time and effort to develop. Rapport is build from the emotion like we have something in common with other person, and using it to achieve the desired objective. When we get this feel that we have things in common, we are attracted and more comfortable; the more commonality the more comfortable we feel.ISO 9001 helps in giving a solid strategy to build rapport. With this first step, we are creating the solid foundation to persuade clients. This step takes the most time and is the most important part of effective communication.

Step 2: Producing the qualifying proof 

After persuading your employees or your clients, it’s now time to produce the qualifying proof of your point. You will want to give them just enough of the details to justify an emotional decision. The fact is people decide based on emotion first and justify with logic. Laying out the facts proves that you can provide the solution they seek, and can express your message clearly.

Step 3: Anticipate the objections

You are never going to enter a room where everyone agrees with you 100%.anciticpating objection gives us more energy to overcome the same. The only solution to persuade people and face the objection is to build the effective communication skills and show empathy.

Step 4: Solution 

Layout the solution for the objections rose as addressed in step 3.Effective communication means showing a vision not of everything that might go zigzag, but of all that can go right. Support whoever you are talking to think about the entire positives they will receive if they take action.

Step 5: Action 

Final step is to take action on what you want. Talk to your partners on what they want in order to achieve the objectives set. You have highlighted the things that make your solution logical and made your audience feel good by connecting with them. Effective communication training is well worth the investment and will help your team understand each other and better achieve collective goals.

Advantages of attracting ISO 9001:2015

  1. Attract Tender /Contract  

 The primary reason to attract ISO 9001:2015 in any location and by        businesses is to maximize the business opportunity by attracting tenders/contracts.

2. Improvement of customer satisfaction 

  One of the key elements in this international standard is to improve customer satisfaction. By          improving the satisfaction level customer retention is at higher side, such customers help directly or indirectly in generating more business.

3. Increase your credibility and image 

By getting your business ISO certified, credibility and image of your brand runs up sharp in the international and domestic market. When a company is looking for supplier or service provider, it is often a requirement to have a clean system in order to consider.

4. Improvement of employee satisfaction

The staff is highly satisfied and pumped up once there are clean roles, responsibility and accountability, a well defined show of how the roles of the staff create a impact on quality and overall success. This international standard will help organization frame up a structure that helps staffs morale increase.

5. Increased business 

Research has proven that ISO certified companies have shown improvements in the area of finance. The ISO certified image attracts more business in both domestic and international market.

6. Process Consistency 

A well documented system helps in minimizing process related errors. Even a minor change in the process has to be documented and implemented in best possible pattern. 

How to attract ISO Certification – Consultation Steps 

1. Kick off Meeting 

Kickoff is the first and key meeting with the process owners and Top Management. This meeting introduces the process owners of the team and drives to discuss on the ISO project plan, roles and responsibilities of the ISO consultant and process owners.

2. Awareness program

Awareness program is an interactive program designed to provide all the team members with the basic elements on what is ISO, standard and implementation items.

3. Gap Analysis 

Gap analysis is a tool used to analyze the current performance and performance expected. The gap items are then escalated to the process owners and top management. Consultant will put forward a report on what steps should be taken to meet the performance expected.

4. Documentation Training 

Documentation training is an interactive program designed to provide the process owners/document controller on how to frame a standard operating procedure (SOP) and records (Evidence).

The same will be explained using the standard template designed by the ISO consultant specifically for the organization and opted standard.

5. Documentation Review 

Document review is a formal assessment performed to check how well the team has framed the standard operating procedure and records. If any gap is noticed during the review, consultant shall feed in the change items to process owners.

6. Internal Audit Training 

Internal audit is a simple and effective tool available in the ISO to check on how strong the system/process is constructed .The consultant will deliver an interactive program on how to perform and who all will be performing the internal audit.

7. Internal Audit 

A simple and effective tool available in ISO, performed to check on how strong the system / process is constructed. This activity is performed by the process owners with the help of ISO consultant. If any to be changed/improved items are picked during the audit, the items are pushed to Management for the corrective action.

8. Management Review Meeting 

Internal Audit gap and to be improved items are discussed with top management and process owners to take effective action on the same.

9. Shade Audit 

Consultant will perform a pre-assessment to check on if the system is in compliance with the Standard, Customer, legal and organization requirements. This is performed before the External Audit.

10. External Audit 

Final assessment on the system is performed by a certified Auditor.ISO consultant will assist the team during the audit.

Our ISO consultants in Oman have more than 10 plus years of global experience, with hands-on experience in the field of ISO certification, assessment and training.


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