In the case of collecting curtains (such as in hotels and homes), each space needs to be different. You cannot use the same curtains but will try to get the curtains that best meet your needs. In a hotel, the curtain collection must have a perfect essence. They must have a fire protection function. Are you worried about the high-quality products of hotel rooms, and then consider curtains, you can find the best products from here. Our Hotel Curtain Fabric can help you improve your beauty at a very low price. Call us for information, share your thoughts, and enjoy buying the best quality products at home. We provide door-to-door service and installation of curtains in space. These are the fewer types of hotel curtains to explain our brand to guide you.

  Types of hotel curtains

  Pencil pleats

  Our classic hotel curtain design is pencil pleats. They can be beautifully hung with suitable curtains and hanging clothes.

  Wave curtain

  The wave curtain we designed has fashionable and elegant curve folds. They are hung on curtains and can beautifully cover walls and windows.

  Stitched tailslide

  Our sewing tail slide curtain adopts a beautiful design because it is full-width fabric and is in the extended position. You can use glass partitions without curtain hooks to separate rooms.

  Eyelet curtain

  We have installed holes in the metal or plastic curtain cloth. These holes provide a clean and tidy impression. We can easily pull the curtain on the curtain in a stable form. These holes have different sizes. You will like this kind of curtains in hotels for easy maintenance.

  Panel curtain

  Our brand designed this Japanese-style panel curtain to bring an elegant and stylish appearance to space. We provide patterns and solid color panels with different fabric qualities. They are designed to layer patterned fabrics in front of solid color fabrics. They completely cover the entire window and can be opened on both sides.

  Line curtain

  We provide thread curtains of different colors, as the name suggests, they are just long strings used to beautify the hotel space.

  Roman blind style

  Our Roman blind style hotel curtains are made in patterns or monochrome in different fabric choices. They can be turned on or off with the help of a power cord. They give the space a unique appearance in various styles.


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