ESB Gold community begins to despise micro transactions when its implemented in games where they must shell out money in order to do anything or they are disappointed about. I can’t stand the miceo transactions with fallout 76 and what not of bethesda. When I played clash royale on 12, but back in the days. Those transactions that are micro did not bother me because they were not mecessary. It was only a slight boost at the start of The Elder Scrolls Blades or whatever.That’s understandable. I guess I have not run into some »free » games where you’ve got to pay to do anything. You made among the arguments that I have seen on the subject. I have seen some people just scream about micro trades.That is not really true. Cut the bullshit. They are as much to blame as zeni. Stop excusing their fuck ups.microtransactions do not exist since free games however the other way around. If folks did not spend millions in pseudo-free to play games maybe the companies wold focus more in meet the actual players expectations instead there pockets.If Bethesda fixes themselves, they may be my favorite gaming company. For now, MonolithSoft is my favorite. Game Freak used to be my favorite, but.all their mainline games in the previous five years have absolutely sucked.

Bethesda has two game series to destroying both and their close. The star trek games have been garbage the pirates of the carribean match proved to be a cash grab that is complete and the battle was slow and unrewarding. If bethesda screws up es hammerfell they become worse. At least ea does good with ufc 3 if a little too p2w, and also fifa isn’t so bad. Bethesda also has numerous glitches in each one of their matches it is not even funny.No its not one only rewards people for paying and you dont have to cover but if you do it’ll play quicker the fact you even think its the same informs me you got doo doo brains which you cant tell the difference.


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