custom universal joints can be used in many industries, and the use of universal joints can improve work efficiency. Cross-axis universal joints are very important components in the design and manufacture of automobiles. Universal joint balancing machines generally belong to horizontal hard support balancing machine series. Generally speaking, those rotors with rotating shafts or assembling process shafts, such as motor rotors, machine tool spindles, rollers, fans, steam turbines, supercharger rotors, etc., are all suitable for horizontal dynamic balancing machines.

Universal joint balancing machine is driven by universal coupling, and it is also a kind of universal joint, which can obtain a variety of balancing speeds, and this kind of universal joint has high precision, convenient operation and high working efficiency. Universal joint balancing machine is mainly used for balancing rotating workpieces such as large motors, machine tool spindles, fans, centrifuges, water pumps, internal combustion engines, wind wheels, ceramic machinery, rollers, glue sticks, etc.

Universal joint balancing machine has high sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durability and reliability; Secondly, the universal joint balancing machine has advanced electrical measurement system, friendly man-machine interface and complete functions. Thirdly, the universal joint balancing machine is usually calibrated once and used permanently, allowing extremely high initial unbalance; Fourthly, the special universal coupling transmission for the balancing machine has stable power transmission, fast starting and convenient operation; Fifthly, the universal joint balancing machine is suitable for the rotor excircle, which can not adopt the ring belt transmission device or requires a great transmission power. Finally, it has a professionally designed swing frame, which effectively transmits mechanical force, is firm and reliable, has small vibration resistance and good rigidity。

Universal joint balancer can balance the motor rotor, roller, machine tool spindle, multi-stage pump, fan impeller and other workpieces, which has a wide application range; universal joint for truck coupling transmission, stable power transmission; Applicable to the rotor excircle that can not adopt the ring belt transmission device or requires a large transmission power; One calibration and continuous use can allow extremely high initial unbalance.


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