In ISO 27001 Certification in Jeddah is allowing employees to work away from the office, i.e., outside of the physical premises of the companies is becoming a common practice in the way to do business today. The ability to work remotely is seen as both a source of incentive for an employee’s productivity and cost savings for companies, not to mention the possibility for the company to reach the right professional it wants in any part of the world. But, In this scenario of information outside the direct control of the company also poses significant risks to information security that should be handled properly. In this topic you will see the potential risks of teleworking and how ISO 27001 Consultants in Mumbai is a leading international standard that describes how to manage information security system can be used to help protect information in such conditions.

What exactly is teleworking?

In teleworking are many definitions. In this teleworking is addressed in the literature, but most of them have these two things in common:

• The worker is outside of the companies environment.

• The information and communication technologies are used to stay linked to the teleworking office.

Considering this, we can have these possible scenarios for teleworking:

• People are working from home or from a place that neither is their home or the company.

• People are using fixed or mobile devices.

• In teleworking is people are using public or private communication networks.

Risks associated to teleworking:

In information security system is risk assessment could raise the following risks:

• In the device itself can be lost or stolen.

• An employee’s family or friends can use the device accessing the organization’s systems and see sensitive information security system.

• Information security it can be intercepted during transmission between the company and the device.

• The communication channel can be intercepted and used to invade the companies’ environment.

Applying ISO 27001 controls to teleworking:

Based on already-proven best practices, ISO 27001 Certification in Australia controls described in its Annex A, and detailed in ISO 27002, can help companies to handle teleworking risks in various forms, and the primary one is the definition of a Mobile device and teleworker policy based on controls.

In this policy, an company’s can established the rules for the implementation of safeguards to protect information accessed, processed, or stored outside the organization, such as:

• Who may teleworkers.

• Which services are available for teleworkers?

• How devices and remote sites should be configured, used and protected.

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