Flexible 57x152mm universal joint for TRUCK GU7630 3874100031 1651229 with metal elastic elements are generally selected under high temperature, low temperature, oil, acid, and alkali working environments, such as diaphragm couplings, serpentine spring couplings, etc. Weak selection of rubber component materials, so the flexible universal joint is easy to be corroded.

The following points should be paid attention to when choosing universal joint

1. According to the transmitted torque and performance, and the cushioning damping force. High-power load transmission wins the choice of drum gear coupling, for overload or vibration, choose tire-type coupling or coupling with high elastic pin coupling;

2. The precision of the universal joint affects the speed and centrifugal force;

3. The displacement and direction of the two shafts should be considered when selecting the model, and the flexible elastic pin coupling should be used when the universal joint for truck two shafts produce a large additional relative displacement.



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