Does your AOL software snap suddenly and starts displaying error code 11 on the screen? Does your AOL screen start showing bizarre messages such as account cancelled and you have no idea about what is going on? If yes, then this blog comes to your rescue. From enlisting the symptoms of AOL error code 11, its plausible causes and the appropriate solution; you can get the entire piece of information by reading this blog. However, if you want to have a direct word with the tech experts then feel free to dial aol tech support number at any given time.

What is AOL Error code 11 account cancelled issue?

To sum it up in easy words, this error corresponds to when the users try to sign in to their AOL account and they can’t.

Why the error appears on your computer screen?

There are basically four to five different reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

• When the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is not installed correctly

• When the Windows Registry entries destruct the Operating System.

• Attack by a foreign object (virus or malware)

• Losing any AOL file or folder accidentally

How does AOL error code 11 react with the system?

When the particular error code strikes, you can expect the following reactions

• Slows down the system’s performance

• Compromises with the speed and efficiency of the computer

• The Windows Active Program crashes or can crash

How to fix AOL error code 11 account cancellation issue?

Perform the given steps sequentially to avail the best of benefits.

• Start by repairing the corrupt Windows Registry entries associated with the AOL error.

• Next, run a complete antivirus scan of your system to detect and fix any existing virus or malware issues.

• After that, proceed to delete all the unwanted files and folder from your computer (System Junk). Use Disk Cleanup for this particular step.

• Now, you must update the device’s drivers.

• After that, you need to restore the Windows system’s changes with the help of ‘System Restore Command.’

• Once you have completed the above steps, uninstall AIM and reinstall the software again.

• With the help of the System File Checker Program repair the Windows files.

• Last but not least, install Windows Update.

Contact the experts in case of trouble

If you find that the error is not getting resolved and you require technical assistance, then take the advice from the professionals at aol customer support number by connecting at the toll-free number.

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