When you are trying to send mails and get constantly caught up with the ‘mails not sent’ issue, it can become really frustrating. If you are facing errors with your AOL email and are not able to send messages to the recipients, then you must read this blog. This write-up suggests you different ways by which you can solve the error manually. Following these troubleshooting tricks will surely help. You can also have a word with aol tech support number professionals whenever you feel stuck while executing the steps.

Steps to fix the AOL Message not sent error

The solutions discussed below are not given in any priority order and can be executed as you require. But make sure that you do not miss any of these, to avoid any future troubles.

Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing that you must check is whether your device is connected with the Wi-Fi connection. Failing which you will surely face troubles while send the messages and will be constantly stuck in a loop

Attachment Size Limit exceeds

If you are sending an attachment with your mails, then make sure that they do not exceed the permissible size limit that is 25 MB. If they increase, then your mails won’t be sent

Session Timed out

Spending too much of time on the AOL email platform can sometimes lead to session time out. In this particular case, log out of the email and then login back again

Browser’s cookies and cache

Many times when you do not clear the cookies and cache of the web browser, it can lead to errors in loading the messages and also sending them. Ensure you clear them time to time

Server Issue

Sometimes the server is facing some issues, or the IP address of the email is changed. Wait for some time and then come back to the page after a few minutes and check whether the issue was resolved or not.

Try another browser

If the issue still recurs, then you can try switching to a different web browser and log in to AOL mail. Try to send emails again.

Sometimes there are hidden technical issues that only an expert can identify. Get in touch with aol customer support in case if the error remains.

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