Being able to toss a lateral to a teammate has suddenly become a big part of Madden 21. Knowing how to lateral in Madden NFL 21 can help extend a game in a desperate situation and throw the defense off-balance during a big gain! Pitching the ball is also a great way to turn a fumble recovery into a huge return!

How to Lateral? The act of lateralling or pitching the ball is when the ball carrier throws it behind him to a teammate during a run. Unlike forward passes, anyone can “receive” a lateral, including the offensive linemen, and you can theoretically lateral an infinite number of times on the same play.

To throw a Madden 21 lateral, press and hold LB on Xbox One or L1 on PlayStation 4. As you press the corresponding bumper, you’ll see a line appear on the field, allowing you to aim the lateral. Once you’ve lined it up, release the button and let the ball fly. If executed correctly, it just might make a difference in getting a surprising win in Madden 21.

However, the lateral is still risky. In order to complete a lateral, the following must be true:

  • The ball carrier must not be in the act of being tackled.
  • The “receiver” of the lateral must not be engaged in a block.
  • The “receiver” must be standing or running behind the ball carrier.
  • The “receiver” usually must be running in the same direction of the ball carrier.

The ball carrier will prioritize non-linemen first before linemen. That means they’ll try their lateral to a wide receiver, running back, tight end, or even the quarterback. If no one of those positions is unengaged in the lateral direction, the ball carrier will then try a lateral to a lineman.

Laterals work on defense too, whether you got the ball from a fumble, interception, or during a punt or kick return. Again, non-linemen are the last priority. Cornerbacks, safeties, and linebackers will be prioritized if possible.

It’s easy to know how to lateral and to execute one. However, they are incredibly risky choices that almost always go wrong unless you know exactly when to use them. For almost every offensive play, the best choice is to simply protect the ball and make the tackle.

You can easily be set up and practiced in Practice Mode. Simply set up a kickoff situation where you are the receiving team and give it a try. Experiment with different aiming and timing with your button press to figure out the best way to get it to work for you.

We finish explaining the topic as throw a lateral in Madden 21. It is hoped you can achieve it easily by following these indications that we mentioned here in the guide. In addition, you can click to buy mut 21 coins. The Cheap price, secure payment and fast delivery are the reasons to choose to buy here.


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