Microsoft office is a task computing software that provides document creating provisions and helps in making attractive presentations. The package of comprises excellent tools from Microsoft namely excel, PowerPoint and word. Some issues occur while operating the software such as the error 505.5.7.606. you can resolve this issue by implementing the guidelines given below.

Verifying The IP Address

Cumulative update packages released in August 2019 contain the recent hotfixes for Microsoft Office 2016. A hotfix is a single package with files that address specific problems in a product. The updates are useful for both core suite applications and servers; they are only distributed through Microsoft Customer Service and Support. There are several packages available, each created to correct one or more problems. Here you will learn how to update your system with the Microsoft Word hotfixes.

Step One:

Research the two hotfix packages that are available for Microsoft Word. A thorough list of the available packages is on the Microsoft Support site.

Step Two:

Determine which hotfix package servicing Word will solve your problem. It is recommended that you only apply the hotfix package for the problem you are experiencing. The first (#974162) addresses a problem with a computer that is running Windows XP. In this case, if you enable the Recognize Text Using OCR feature, the Office Document Imaging Tool may crash. The second hotfix package (#973401) addresses 14 different problems, some of which are specific to foreign versions of the program. A few English-version problems relate to the SharePoint library, Outlook 2016, hyperlinks, and tables. A full list of the 14 fixes can be viewed here.

Step Three:

Verify that your system has a 2016 Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2. You must have one of these on your system in order to apply these hotfixes.

Step Four:

Contact Microsoft support and ask for the appropriate hotfix for your system. You must reference the Knowledge Base article number for the hotfix to request it. To make contact with a support professional, click Get Help Now at the bottom of the Microsoft Support page. You can make initial contact via e-mail, online chat, or telephone (1-800-MICROSOFT).


It is recommended by Microsoft that you test the hotfixes before deploying them.

This update is cumulative, meaning each new fix contains the complete list of hotfixes and security fixes from the previous update package. If the problems do not seriously hinder you, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next update package to update your system thoroughly.

You will not need to make any changes to the registry to use one of these hotfixes and neither of the packages replaces a previously released hotfix.


If additional problems occur during your search and install, you may be required to create a separate service request, which will incur support costs.

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