Introduction to some new features of WOW 8.3 version

New Raid: Ny’alotha, the Waking City

Some of these visions will be Wrathion, who will help players once again make legendary cloaks – so far this is the only orange-grade device seen in the Battle of Azeroth. In addition, players will be able to fill a new talent tree with the currency obtained from these events and raise a new level of genius for their Azeroth heart.

Of course, if there is no new raid, any content patch is incomplete, and the 8.3 patch (Ny ‘alotha) is no exception. Once the patch is officially updated, the awakened city will be open to all gamers. Ny ‘alotha is a difficult level with 12 powerful BOSS guards and the old god himself. Buy WOW Classic Gold can help you get more items and equipment in the game, as well as a 2% price discount.

Of all the attacks on Titan Forges, the way Titanforging works may change during the subsequent process. Titanforging is one of the most criticized features of World of Warcraft today, and unless you are lucky, it’s really hard to get the best battle. So far the official game team has not provided more details on this detail, but Ion said they are working on a new system that offers « some different, some more distorted and corrupt things, but ideally In case you can retain the value of the item level. »

Allied Races/Heritage Armor

In addition, in the 8.3 patch, the Alliance and the Horde will also join the new role: the Alliance corresponds to Vulpera, while the Horde is Mechagnomes. Since the release of the Battle of Azeroth last year, there have been rumors that Vulpera is almost a league race, and this rumor has finally been confirmed. Horde players who worship the Volunai faction will be able to use the new quest line to unlock the vulpine race.

In the league, Mechagon’s Mechagnomes will join the league to help players overthrow this evil regime. So the player can customize the character to use the mechanical leg or the robotic arm when selecting the character. Using WOW Classic Boosting allows players to quickly upgrade their level. When the difficulty of the copy is too strong, you can choose to use this service to help you through the storm.

The traditional armor of Goblin and Worgen is also coming soon – of course Worgen can be polite and Goblin’s armor is ready to use explosives.

Additional features

In addition to these updates and new features, the following will be introduced in 8.3:

Hero Black Coast Front

New PVP season

New mythology – Corrupted. The black imperial obelisk will appear in the fabulous dungeon, bringing players into another real world, confronting N’Zoth’s servants.


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