How to protect and maintain theater curtains

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  From cruise ships to churches, from community centers to schools, there are stage curtains everywhere. In these stages, countless works will be played in front of crowded theaters or in life-long milestones held in front of family and friends. Each has one thing in common: thick cotton velvet stage decoration. These extra-large fabric pieces used to decoratively hide various parts of the stage may cause a fire.

  In order to solve this safety problem, theater curtains have undergone flame-retardant treatment to reduce and eliminate the possibility of these beautiful and expensive curtains burning in the flames. You only need to know what you can plan and prepare to make your stage curtains comply with fire protection regulations?

  The first step is to clean the curtains. Dust is flammable and usually produces small electric sparks or hot light too close may cause the stage curtain to catch fire. Dust is abrasive and can cause premature wear on stage curtains. Even with inherent flame retardancy (IFR), curtains need to be cleaned and dust removed regularly. Although fire protection regulations may vary between states, firefighters will agree that you should clean, test, and dispose of stage curtains every three to five years to stay safe. Our website is:


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