Bank: Definition of Banking is defined as a system of trading money which provides a safe place to save cash, in terms of deposits. It is also called as service industry where it provides services to those who want to lend, barrow or invest.

Banks are classified into following types

1: Central Banks

2: Retail Banks

3: Commercial Banks

4: Shadow Banks

5: Investment Banks

6: Cooperative Banks

7: Credit Unions

As per to the survey, we have 25000+ Banks around the world. Now we should think what methodology has been adapted by banking institute to secure confidential data, whether all these banks are following the security guidelines set by the regulatory bodies of their country. What makes the customer to rely on his personal data shared with the Banking institute? How to overcome with liquidity risk? What is the solution for data breach?

ISO 27001 is an information security management standard that provides organizations of any size and industry a framework for securing and protecting confidential and sensitive data. KWALITYCERT has professional experts where and which helps in developing, implementing and establishing the ISO 27001 standard also ensures industrial best practices are followed at all functional levels. KWALITYCERT also expertise in implementing GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), SAS(Statistical Analysis System), R, VAPT(Vulnerability assessment penetration testing), PCI-DSS(PAYMENT GATEWAYS), RISK ASSESSMENT, BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN, STRATERGIC PLAN, NIS (Network and Information Systems). In current era banking sector are completely depended on technology, most commonly used tool is E-banking, most of the time system get fails because of many reasons I,e technical error, hacking, cyber attack, poor gateways. Key success to overcome of issue is ISO 27001:2013, as is the blend of confidentiality and integrity of information assets hence, it always focus on continual improvement of people, processes and technologies to ensure the robustness and resilience of information management infrastructure in the face of changing consumer needs and the evolving security risk landscape.

Hence, ISO 27001 certification in Saudi Arabia help you demonstrate good security practices, thereby improving working relationships and keeps customer data safe. 

ISO certification in Oman

ISO certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO certification in Iraq

ISO certification in Philippines


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