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Up your business, talk to our kwalitycert masters who are a vailable for you to coach and on how to get your business and process certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001,ISO 22000,ISO 27001,ISO 20000-1 and HACCP.

What is risk?

Risk is a potential threat of damage, injury, loss or any other unpleasant event that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, and that may be avoided through preventive action.

What is risk control?

Risk control is the set of effective action items by which organizations evaluate potential losses and take action to reduce or block such threats.

What is ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)?

QMS – ISO 9001:2015 is wonderful management tool shaped up by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).QMS is a blend of policies, processes, documented procedures and records, when implemented in the organizations will boost up the internal discipline and helps anticipate customer needs, this shall drive the system and people to deliver the expected product and service .No matter how strong your product and services are there is always an opportunity to improve upon. Our consulting methodology is super unique and our ISO consultants in Oman are with 10 plus years of experience shall help business to realize the area to be improved and changing business needs to always stay on top.

ISO 9001 elements are 

QMS is developed based on Deming cycle (PDCA). Major elements in QMS are Planning, Support Services, Monitoring process and Certifications process.

Planning: Management planning stages of the will define goals of the company including what services or products have to be delivered. Also, work on risk management, company should anticipate the challenges that might try to break the business. Risk management is part of QMS that will help company to run the risk analysis and document the risks and script down the Mitigation.

Support Services: This element shall help company to manage people, equipment and procedures to control the process and on how to document the same.

Monitoring process: QMS has a wonderful tool “Internal Audit “part of the structure. Tool is used to monitor the processes and people, Kwalitycert shall train the internal team to perform the internal audit. Talk our masters on Onsite and Online ISO internal auditor trainings.

Certification: Post consulting, if the system is in compliance with the ISO requirements, our Auditing services shall bring in the qualified auditor to assess your system .once through with the assessment, a certificate is issued by the accredited registrar.

How to hedge your risks when starting a new business?

Identifying risks and implementing controls is one of the key actions in business and the same can be achieved through implementing ISO 9001 – Quality Management System. Identifying the risk is a major exercise and even more important is assess the significance of risks and controls for the same. With each risk you have identified you will need to assess the severity of the problem.

After framing a list of risks that has high significance what you do?

You will kick start which control has to be mapped and implemented to right risk, but how to do this? Run through the clause 6.1 defined in ISO 9001:2015.

Inform and store the risk

Risks that are insignificant, most of the times the strategy is to just accept the risk and proceed.

Avoid risk

For a significant risks which you feel is a real great pain can be avoided by changing the root of occurrence or have solid preventive action for the same.

Eliminate risk

The other way to eliminate the risk is change the parent of the problem permanently from occurring.

Transfer risk

If you don’t have an internal source to handle the problem, you can hire an expert or identify an agency to handle the problem.

Action plan

Always have an action plan to mitigate the risks, by putting an administrative controls, training or audit the system for vulnerabilities.

How do you implement controls once they are identified?

Once the controls that are identified to reduce or eliminate risks, the same has to be transferred to all the employees through trainings and ensure that the actions are part of daily activity rather an extra activity.

Advantages of attracting ISO 9001:2015

      1. Attract Tender /Contract  

The primary reason to attract ISO 9001 in any location and by        businesses is to maximize the business opportunity by attracting tenders/contracts.

    2. Improvement of customer satisfaction 

      One of the key elements in this international standard is to improve customer satisfaction. By          improving the satisfaction level customer retention is at higher side, such customers help directly or indirectly in generating more business.

3. Increase your credibility and image 

By getting your business ISO certified, credibility and image of your brand runs up sharp in the international and domestic market. When a company is looking for supplier or service provider, it is often a requirement to have a clean system in order to consider.

4. Improvement of employee satisfaction

The staff is highly satisfied and pumped up once there are clean roles, responsibility and accountability, a well defined show of how the roles of the staff create a impact on quality and overall success. This international standard will help organization frame up a structure that helps staffs morale increase.

5. Increased business 

Research has proven that ISO certified companies have shown improvements in the area of finance. The ISO certified image attracts more business in both domestic and international market.

6. Process Consistency 

A well documented system helps in minimizing process related errors. Even a minor change in the process has to be documented and implemented in best possible pattern. 

How to get ISO 9001 certification?

Our masters have more than 10 plus years of global experience, with hands-on experience in the field of ISO 9001 certification in Oman, assessment and training.

With KwalityCert your Business and process excellence is guaranteed.

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