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Your company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1 and HACCP.

ISO Certification 

International organization for standardization is an independent organization that frames the standards for business excellence in the area of ​​quality, environment, health and information technology.

ISO Certification Process

At kwalitycert our experts drive the certification process and make it real flexible for our customers. Our approach is distinctly innovative, flexible and driven by experts 

Our Approach 

Whether you’re running a corporation or a small office, there’s always a way to grow your business. Our 3 steps flexible approach helps customers to promote their business through ISO certification.

Pick us 

A choice that makes the massive difference, with professionalism and expertise. We are highly active in providing pragmatic solutions to our customers.

We Guide 

It is highly recommended to consult an expert to the best consultant to implement the standard, and also to select the right accredited registrar.

Get certified 

Post successful compliance audit, issued by the accredited registrar.

Looking to plan and implement ISO?

It is very important for any startup or a larger organization to survive hard to survive the early business life cycle. Startups go through various stages of development; business should grow up with a system to make sure it stays in its peak. A business at the early stage does not give much in return, but it throws back more challenges It is very much important to any startup to implement ISO to avoid the mistakes and messy environment.

ISO 9001 is a wonderful tool, when you will be encouraged to provide services and services. Having an ISO certification is a very good thing when it comes to managing quality.


Digest what is ISO 

To start with a copy of the standard ISO and the key concepts. Employees involved in the implementation process should have a strong grip on the requirements of the standard.ISO provides a clean structure for the core requirements of a quality management system and very flexible for all types of business. It’s very important to understand how to apply to your business, and make it easier for your organization.

Get top management on board, train them on why ISO is important when making a decision with business.

Once everyone is on board you should do a right gap analysis and match the same with ISO 9001 standard. If any gaps found, pickup the requirements from ISO 9001 standard and close the same.

Take action on Implementation plan 

Start with forming a right implementation team, your top management should decide on an implementation team to headway. The team should be made of managers from different departments. An implementation team will ensure the success of your transition to new system. The team should be leading the implementation of the implementation process leader should be a member of management who is respected and has a passion.

Identify key and support processes, make it easier to plan for a meeting. In order to keep the transition running smoothly, there should be a structured plan. Having a plan and communicating with ISO 9001 in a timely and effective way. Keep everyone informed and run the implementation process even more smoothly.

Define responsibilities, policies and objectives 

It is very much important to you, and the organization is committed to delivering the product or services that are expected by the customers. It is very important that these policies and objectives follow both your business and your customers.

Have a totally new set roles and responsibilities for the people who are directly involved in quality related tasks. You can create entirely new roles for these people.

Develop your documentation 

One of the key requirements in ISO is documenting and maintaining the quality related records. Have a proper documentation system in place. Your document control system should have a letter code that identifies each type of document and a sequential number, revision control. A change history summarizing all the changes made to each document and signing the document.

Push your quality management system

Once you have organized items to a proper quality system in place, launch it. You will start to see how they are going to work Providing training to all employees and making sure they digest the standard even before implementation.

Implement the system and move on the audit system, the audit will ensure that the organization is heading towards the defined objective and objectives.

Review your performance 

You should review the progress your business making. This review will help the organization to pick up if any extra gap that is blocking the business to progress. Have the management review meetings conducted on the same way as the audit.

Keep Improving 

The key goal of a quality management system should be improved continually.

Dominate your completion – Get your Business ISO certified 

For your business to be successful, your business needs the right system and people. This can be achieved through ISO consultants in Oman with Kwalitycert. Write to us at or visit us at .


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