Perhaps you have had great times playing 2K? Yes, but the amount of times I wanted to straight-up delete Madden vastly outweighs the good experiences I have had. The last time I can say I had fun with a 2K game was that game had its own defects, and 2K17. Following 17, Madden have slowly stagnated, both creatively and technically. Madden may very well get it worse, however 2K stinks in my opinion, plain and simple.It’s nothing short of shameful how awful the AI in Madden is and Mut 20 coins for sale how predetermined outcomes are. The worst part is how bad the cpu gameplay is, although online is a cheesefest of abusing the AI.

From the nfl teams place defensive personnel on the area based on the offensive personnel, however in Madden they take it a step further by not only doing that, but also calling specific plays according to the one you called for your offense. Then you will have god-awful animations to further help the predetermined results are, with missed throws that don’t make sense, ridiculous drops, awful fumbles, teleporting interceptions and so on. All this because EA can not just properly program Madden to play organically.

Whether you’re confronting tom brady or kyle allen on difficulties, they are going to finish 90 percent of their passes against you if you’ve got the coverages that are ideal and an whole grade defense. God it’s miserable.

This is an Accurate pass on a wide Curl since there was no Corner

Can’t tell you how often this has resulted in a pick because the QB throws it like a Dig is currently running, and the CB who is 3-5 yards behind steps over into cheap Madden nfl 20 coins the side for the effortless snag. It’s so broken lol. I have been attempting to figure out how to throw a proper fade for the past couple of months in my solo CFM. Basically, you have to have a 95 ovr QB, a 90+ ovr WR, and direct the throw to the corner having a throw against a CB who’s 5 inches shorter once he has beat off the media.


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