15th September 2021- The millennials, the Gen Z and the Gen Alpha, have one thing in common- their love for mobile phones. Acadecraft, a leading ed-tech company in the US, goes a step further utilizing this dependency on mobiles.

Today, it is one of the best mobile learning companies catering to the needs of valued customers worldwide. With the recent surge of online learning in the market, the company has gained prominence with its quality resources.

Mobile learning is not a new topic. However, with the rat race in the world, it seems to be the most viable option. Acadecraft realizes this and develops some outstanding mobile content to increase learners’ participation and engagement.

Mobile learning has to be perfect with its appearance, navigation, and structure to maximize its learning potential. With an in-house team of content developers, instructional designers, SMEs, quality analysts, effective production is a piece of cake!

As a top-tier organization, we offer several types of m learning solutions. Some of them include:

E-book Readers

The team develops mobile applications for e-books, magazines, and newspapers. Our team members have contributed several effective solutions for mobile applications.

Simulation Learning

Our members create research-based simulation learning applications to help learners and instructors understand technical, mechanical, and practical skills.

M-learning Apps

Our experts offer user-friendly mobile learning applications and solutions for learners, instructors, education, and corporate training institutions. Our applications adhere to the clients’ guidelines.

E-Commerce Apps

Our skilled developers produce e-commerce applications for Android, IOS, and Windows mobile operating systems. They also design various e-commerce apps for various industries and their target audience.

The m learning solutions provide bite-sized learning solutions to create opportunities for flexible learning. However, the dedicated team does not end their expertise here. They also develop productivity apps, educational games, AR-based apps, and interactive assessments.

Additional features include:

• Accurate and authentic services

• Cost-effective rates

• Latest technology usage

Ranked among the leading mobile elearning provider, they describe their workflow as the primary reason for their success.

“Our process flow ensures to create compact and accessible training modules for learners to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in a quicker overall development,” said the team members.

The clients can reach our agency at info@acadecraft.com for free quotes and services.

About Acadecraft

Acadecraft is an ed-tech company in the US delivering a plethora of services. With proven expertise and experience, the organization can leverage the clients’ requirements to gain maximum profit.

The trusted online platform offers learning solutions, pre-press, editorial, accessibility, localization, tutoring, K-12, higher education, and test prep materials. 


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