The Netflix error code UI-800-3 can come up if the data of the Netflix application that is present within the device gets corrupted somehow. This problem can occur if the cached data interfere with any services of the Netflix application.

Even if there is some problem with the sign-in process of the Netflix application then you can get this problem also. The main error message that you get when this issue comes up is as follows – “Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds.”.

How to fix Netflix code UI-800-3?

Get methods here to rectify this error in an efficient way.

Start the streaming device Once Again

If there is some issue with Netflix itself, then there is a possibility for you to get this error. Now, the one and only answer to getting rid of this error is to power cycle the streaming device. The steps are here as follows.

. First, power off the streaming device.

. Next, remove the power cable of both the streaming device and the television from the wall socket.

. Now, wait for two minutes or so and plug back the power cables of both the devices.

. At this time, turn on the television and then the streaming device.

. At last, inspect whether Netflix application works or not.

Clear the Netflix App Data Cache

If the cache data of the Netflix application within any streaming device get corrupted due to some reason, then you might get this error code. Now, the best answer to remove this problem all you can do is delete the data cache of the Netflix application. Here, there will be procedures to delete the app data of Netflix for all types of devices.

Delete Netflix Data Cache for Amazon Fire TV

In order to remove data cache from the Netflix application present within the Amazon Fire TV, follow the steps below.

. First, take the remote control of the Fire TV and then press on the ‘Home’ button.

. After that, from the page that appears, choose the ‘Settings’ option.

. When the new ‘Settings’ page comes up next select the ‘Applications’ option. As soon as you click on that option, then a new ‘Applications’ page will come up.

. On that page, choose the ‘Manage installed applications’ option.

. Next, from the list of all the installed applications, locate and choose the ‘Netflix’ software. Then, choose the ‘Clear data’ option.

. When a new dialog box appears, then click on the ‘Clear data’ button.

. Once the removal of application data is complete, next, select the ‘Clear cache’ button. Wait for the deletion of information within the cache memory of the Netflix application.

. At last, disconnect the Fire TV for a minute then reconnect it once again and see if this issue reappears or not.

Delete cache memory of Netflix application for Roku Device

Get steps here to remove the cache memory information on the Netflix application from the Roku device.

. First, take the remote control of the Roku device and then press on the ‘Home’ button five times.

. After that, tap on the Up arrow key for one time.

. Next, find the fast rewind key and press it two times continuously.

. Now, locate the fast forward key and then hit it for two times.

. As soon as you do that, then the Roku device will start up once again.

. Finally, launch the Netflix application and then check whether this issue comes back or not.

Common reset procedure of the ‘Netflix’ application for almost all Devices

There are some devices that do not allow you to reset any application data. To delete the cache data of Netflix application from most of the devices, follow the steps below.

. First, either on the remote control or the controller tap on the ‘Up’ arrow key two times.

. After that, hit the down arrow key again two times.

. Then, tap on the left and right button respectively for two times.

. Now, hit the up arrow key four times.

. Choose the reload or deactivate button.

. At last, try to sign in to the Netflix application and inspect if everything is fine or not.

Sign Out from Netflix then re-sign In

If the Netflix application does not perform as it should, then you can get the Netflix error UI-800-3. Now, the best solution to get rid of this issue is to first sign-out of the Netflix application and then resign in. Here, you will get steps on how to do it.

. First, go to the official Netflix website and then choose the settings option. This action will open a new Settings page.

. Inside that page, locate the ‘Sign out of all the devices’ link. This will log out from Netflix for all the devices.

. Once the sign-out procedure is complete, next, re-sign in once again into the Netflix application.

. Lastly, stream a video from Netflix and see if this error code comes back or not.

Install the Netflix Application Once Again

If none of the methods above is unable to resolve this error, then as a last resort all you can do is reinstall the Netflix application within the device. However, keep in mind that some devices do not allow users to remove the Netflix application, so for them, there is no chance to reinstall the software. To reinstall the Netflix application, follow the steps below.

. First, go to the home page of the device and then hit the ‘Menu’ button. This will open the main menu of the device.

. Now, on the main menu navigate to the ‘Installed’ option and select the same. As soon as you select on that option, then a new page with the name ‘Installed’ will come up.

. Inside that page, locate and choose the ‘Netflix’ option. After that, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button, to remove the Netflix application from the device.

. Finally, download and install the Netflix application on your device and see if this glitch reappears or not.

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