Runescape declined a lot following the fact. Jagex introduced many new features to OSRS Gold aid in running. Removal of the Trade Limit, and the return of old Wilderness. This was done without fixing the bot problem… which resulted in massive botting of all dragons, all of the ores with high levels, slayers’ zones, Sorceress’ Garden and the rest of the ores. (February 1 2011,).

Buy a 90-day Runescape card, get an Ornate Katana (June 20, 2011). Jagex Loyalty Programme, June 28, 2011. Invite a friend to receive an experience reward of 10% for a week. Jagex apparently didn’t realize that users weren’t sending friends to Runescape. They were simply referring their secondary Runescape Account(s) to Runescape as the friend who was « new ». (August 18 and 19, 2011).

It is now that I wish that Runescape would have been saved by Dungeoneering. Jagex had dreamed that Runescape could host 25 new abilities.

Fly on the wall, listening in during the infamous IVP/Jagex meeting of 2010. Reps from Insight Venture Partner were present to Jagex: We called this meeting concerning Jagex’s cash flow. We were convinced that the new « dungeoneeringupdate scheduled for April 2010 would increase you market share in markets for gamers. Your cash flow situation has not improved since April 2010. It was your time to Buy RS Gold shine. From this point on, we’ll continue to do things our way.


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