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SBCGlobal email is regarded as one of the most prominent email service providers around the globe. It has been making the users happy with its exceptional features. Did you recently update the outlook version in your device? If yes, then that is great. However, after updating, many users have a complaint regarding some annoying issues in accessing SBCGlobal email. They have been coming across problems such as reading the mail, inbox folder, and fetching attachments. If you are one of those frustrated by such errors, let’s take you out of the problem. Have a look at this blog and understand some of the most suitable ways to get rid of the issues. Alternatively, you can contact the SBCGlobal customer care number and speak to the experts regarding the matter.

Problem 1: You may find all messages from unsafe email addresses automatically being forwarded to your inbox instead of the junk folder. To solve this problem, you must go to the Outlook and update it to the latest version. For this, follow- File> Account> Update now.

Problem 2: The second problem you may come across is that you cannot find any unread emails or mail tabs available on the Outlook. If you are using Outlook 1703 or higher, you can quickly rectify the problem by visiting the menu folder in the drop-down menu. To know your current version, open ‘File’ and then visit the ‘office account.’

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How to arrange messages in the SBCGlobal email on Outlook?

If you wish to arrange the messages according to the ‘Unread,’ ‘Mentioned,’ or ‘Read’ options, you will be required to choose the menus accordingly. In order to filter messages according to time and date, you can go to ‘Arrange by’ and then select ‘Date and time.’

Another option you have is of ‘Filter mail’ from the ribbon.

In case you want to check the current mail settings, hit on ‘triangle’ available under ‘Field header.’

How to use Quick Access Toolbar?

With the help of this, you can open the menu by applying filters. Let us say that you wish to add ‘Unread’ folder in the toolbar; you would have to use the steps given below:

Open the search box and click on search

You would find the ‘Unread’ folder; tap it to add to the Quick Access toolbar.

Customize the given option and add a group under the ‘Mail’ option.

Rename the same from the given options

On the top center of the ribbon, you need to select ‘Choose commands from’ option that will allow you to choose commands that you wish to add in the toolbar

Now, hit ‘UP’ in order to move the group to a higher level.

Select ‘OK’ and save all the changes.

Follow all the steps mentioned above to get rid of the issues you encounter after updating the Outlook platform. In case you want third party assistance, you can immediately get in touch with SBCGlobal Tech Support Phone Number to seek help from professionals who will provide you with an instant solution to overcome your problem.

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