Plot. Have you ever missed an important scene because OSRS Gold someone closed your eyes and shouted « Guess who! » Perhaps you’ve lost track of key plot points or simply felt that the story was worth revisiting. It’s a brand new experience. You can retry the quests in PvP realms without needing to restart your account. Perhaps you’d want to share them with someone else, or maybe you’re bored. It’s not a good idea to make an entirely new character for this. Here’s my suggestion.

Suggestion. Someone will assist you to redo quests if he is located in the Members Area. The way it works is when you talk to him and ask to repeat the quest, and he pulls up the list of your quests, and you choose one. The screen turns black and then comes back. It was saving your character’s quest history when it went black.

When you’re finished with the quest, you aren’t able to do any other quests. Not a one, but at any time you can quit by speaking to the character. If you quit or finish the quest the screen darkens again, your prior quest history is loaded and that’s it. Whatever you completed the first time is still in effect. There is no reward for your efforts and that’s it.

Restrictions. Certain Quests, like the Shield of Arrav will not be replayable because they require a second player and a shared prize. It doesn’t matter what prize you receive, it’s just for fun. That’s the end of it. Muttdog has a suggestion. You can give the player the option of runescape account for sale watching only the cut scenes.


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