Étiquette : adjustable desk manufacturers


The electric adjustable desk manufacturers can adjust the desk to the most comfortable height by touching the switch according to the personal height or the desired comfortable height; and by realizing the standing office, the healthy office and efficient office are truly realized. If you want to sit, sit, and stand. Stand up and down freely.

It can effectively prevent spinal and cervical diseases, obesity and diabetes. The lifting device of the electric lifting office desk can choose the electric lifting column. The electric lifting column is a product developed to realize the lifting of various intelligent furniture working platforms. The product has low noise, large expansion range, stable operation and beautiful appearance. , Easy installation, convenient operation, etc., with the controller, it can realize any height adjustment in the lifting position to meet the needs of free adjustment of the product lifting height. The Electric Lifting Column is a new type of linear lifting actuator mainly composed of a motor, a push rod, a control device, and a casing.



Now there are more and more stand up desk manufacturer. Standing tables seem to be more and more popular. Why?

First of all, as more and more work is done in the office, more and more office workers will sit at the desk for six to eight hours for a long time, and some may even sit for more than ten hours. Physical health is extremely unfavorable. First, because people consume only 88 calories per hour while sitting, sedentary will lead to accumulation of energy, which leads to weight gain and obesity; second, studies have shown that sedentary does cause some physiological diseases, including diabetes, Hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, so it is imperative to change the office model.

Second, although studies have shown that standing desks are actually not very helpful for weight loss or avoid weight gain, but compared to sitting for a long time, the risk of illness is much smaller. But like sitting in a standing office, standing for a long time can also cause many side effects, including back pain, leg and foot pain and so on. Therefore, it is not advisable to just go to a standing office.

So, what kind of office model is good for people’s health? The height-adjustable desk gives a good idea to solve this problem. Since sitting and standing for a long time are not conducive to health, why not take an alternate way of standing and sitting to solve this problem.

The height-adjustable desk can adjust the height of the desk under different conditions according to different needs, so that it can not only sit up or stand up; in addition, adjustable desk manufacturers can facilitate this process In the process of designing a lot of automatically adjusted desks, it is convenient for users.