Étiquette : Madden 21 Passing Tips


Passing is a huge part of Madden. There’s no quicker way of getting the ball down the field. The Madden 21 has seen many improvements in the passing game over the years that have made it much involved if you want it to.

The high pass is one of those that you can use in the game, and this guide will break down how you can pull it off.

Throwing a high pass in Madden 21 is easy, and it can be done in a few simple steps. Depending on what console you play Madden on the controls to complete this pass will be different, but you will get the same result if done correctly.

1. How to Throw a High Pass in Madden 21 on PlayStation

To complete this pass on PlayStation, you must first select a passing play from your gameplan book. Once you have selected your play, press the X button on your controller to hike the ball and start the play. Once the play is in motion, scan the field and look for an open receiver; when you have your target, hold L1 and press the button of the receiver you chose to throw to.

2. How to Throw a High Pass in Madden 21 on Xbox

To complete this pass on Xbox, follow the same steps as if you were playing on PlayStation, remember that the only thing that changes is the buttons. Start by selecting a passing play from your gameplan book, then once that is done, press the A button on your controller to hike the ball. Simultaneously, the play is in motion scan the field and looks for the open receiver. Once you find your target hold LB and press the button of the receiver you have chosen to throw to.

There are many different kinds of passes in Madden 21, each with its pros and cons. The high pass is very useful as a pass that only your receiver has a chance at. It’s either going to be overthrown or be in the hands of your receiver as they stretch up high for it. This can avoid throwing interceptions as a result, but it still will require a really good wide receiver to pull off most of the time. But one weakness to the high pass is that it leaves your receiver very vulnerable to a big hit after the catch, which may either injure them or cause them to drop the ball. Overall, it is still a skill worth using.

Now that you know How To Throw A High Pass In Madden NFL 21, then you can enjoy the game’s best experience. For more information, please click here. In addition, you can buy madden 21 coins here. With these coins, you will be the best player in the game!