How to choose an electronic energy meter manufacturer with good quality and affordable price? First of all, we choose medium-sized companies. The prices of big brands are too expensive, and the quality is not much different from that of medium-sized companies. The craftsmanship and quality of small companies are too poor, so they are cheap. If you first choose a medium-sized company, how do you judge that this company is a medium-sized company?

1. Time of establishment, early establishment of time, technology has a certain accumulation foundation

2. There is an entire factory building for production and office. Some companies rent a building from others. This is not recommended.

3. Number of employees The number of employees in medium-sized companies is about 30 to 100

Secondly, it depends on whether this medium-sized enterprise has a type approval certificate. No certificate indicates that the quality and accuracy of the company’s products have yet to be verified. The accuracy of the meter is related to the interests of users and the property in the community. If the meter goes slowly, the property loss of hundreds of households is huge, and it is very possible for a family of hundreds of thousands. So it depends on whether there is a measurement certificate and test report.

Finally, let’s see if this company has established a professional after-sales service team. The after-sales service of many companies is a mess. When they need their after-sales service, no one answers the phone for a few days. If they can’t get the service in time, the owner’s meter in the community may be out of order. , There may be no electricity for a few days, which will greatly affect the lives of residents

In general, referring to the above several aspects, we can choose products with good quality and good service to a certain extent. We can use such meters with confidence, and problems will rarely occur, even if they do occur. It will be resolved soon, so as to better protect the rights and interests of the Electromechanical KWh Meter’s property and the owners.


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