Auto parts factory are the basic process equipment of the automobile industry. In automobile production, more than 90% of parts and components need to be formed by accessories. It takes about 1,500 sets of parts to manufacture an ordinary car, and about 1,000 sets of stamping parts. In the development of new models, 90% of the workload is carried out around the change of the body profile. Approximately 60% of the development cost of new models is used for the development of body and stamping processes and equipment. About 40% of the total vehicle manufacturing cost is the cost of body stamping parts and assembly.

In the development of auto parts industry at home and abroad, parts technology has shown the following 9 major development trends:

1. Digital accessory technology has become mainstream

2 Stamping process simulation (CAE)

3. Advanced processing automation of accessories

4. Widely used high-strength steel

5. High-strength plate stamping technology is in urgent need of breakthrough

6. Progressive die is the focus of future development

7. Pay attention to the research and development of high-performance accessories and materials technology

8. Scientific and information management

9. Refined manufacturing of Motorcycle parts factory is an inevitable trend


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