In recent years, custom universal joints have been more and more used in precision machinery controlled by systems such as a variety of manufacturing machinery. In these fields, unlike general manufacturing machinery, universal joints must be heightened between output and input. Tracking.

Especially when high-speed rotating machine tools with high-frequency forward and reverse rotation and high-precision positioning are required, the universal joint must not only have high rigidity, but also have the ability to withstand repeated torsional loads and high elastic fatigue limit to adapt to high-speed operation. Therefore, the universal joint must have high torque rigidity, zero rotation gap, and the elastic body to compensate the radial, axial, angular deviation, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics of the two shafts of the manufacturing machine during the transmission process.

In the past, universal joints were generally regarded as mechanical parts. However, in order to achieve higher functions, the familiarity with coupling has been transformed from a simple mechanical part to an important mechanical element that can control the function of the entire mechanical system.

Therefore, it is increasingly difficult for only the product development of a single manufacturer to meet the needs of users. At present, it has become a trend for users and manufacturers to jointly develop universal joints that meet the requirements of mechanical systems, and the future development of the universal joint for truck industry will get better and better.


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