EA Sports’ FIFA 20’s big new addition will be Volta Football, a career mode blending NBA 2K MyCareer-levels of personalization and customization with FIFA Street-style matches and tricks.Volta Football is part single-player career, part multiplayer, with a story mode path, a branch for team play, and league play involving promotion and relegation. For those who want to play with their favorite sides and stars, there’s Volta Kick-Off.

As well as tweaks to its authentic football simulation, the headline addition to FIFA 20 is the Volta Football street soccer mode. Channeling the spirit of the dormant FIFA Street, Volta is matches of 3-to-5 players a side, of both men and women, competing in ‘futsal’ matches in tight cages and indoor arenas around the world.“From an underpass in Amsterdam, to a neighborhood cage in London, or a Tokyo rooftop, experience a new side of The World’s Game with VOLTA Football,” EA said on the game’s official website.

The new mode will be highly customisable as you kit out your created player in the mode, with a story mode to go alongside a career mode, complete with promotion and relegation and multiplayer.The mode doesn’t look dissimilar to the ‘World of CHEL’ mode in EA’s own ice hockey game NHL 19. That mode is multiplayer based, with custom players competing in fast-paced pond hockey. Loot box-esque ‘kitbags’ are used to custom your own players in NHL and it will be interesting to see if FIFA 20 follows a similar path with Volta, particularly given the current scrutiny over loot box mechanics. If you need Buy FUT 20 Comfort Trade you can visit our site Mmocs.com.

That means you’re not limited to playing in the wooden-floored gyms that we loved so much 21 years ago. « We have different sized environments – small, medium and large, » reveals McHardy. « Some with walls, some without. » He lists a Tokyo rooftop and Amsterdam underpass as among the pitch types on offer, and given the popularity of their inclusion in Alex Hunter’s The Journey trilogy, expect to see a Brazilian favela and LA beachfront in there too.

Real-life pro teams are selectable for 3-a-side, 4-a-side or 5-a-side play, but it’s the bespoke Volta mode – which will let you create your own footballing hopeful – that EA really hopes will catch on. « This is a whole new world of football in addition to all our usual modes, » says creative director Matt Prior. « You can create any custom character, male or female – we’ll have both sexes on the same pitch at the same time. We’re including the most accessible and customisable mode we’ve ever put into FIFA. Shirts, tattoos, socks, shoes, all sorts of other stuff. And you can grow your player however you want via your in-game performance, similar to The Journey. We’re taking football back to its roots. »


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