Hospital curtains and three-dimensional tracks

  Qian Sifang wishes everyone a Merry Christmas in advance: « Warm blessings, and hope that your family will have more comfort, happiness, and hope during Christmas. »

  For many years, we have been a leading provider of hospital curtains and other products. Customers rely on us to meet various regulations and standards and to withstand the use of custom curtains. In addition to the standard privacy curtains, we also provide branded fabrics, antistatic and antibacterial curtains, as well as proprietary compartment rails and hangers. Our ability to handle large equipment benefits from the large number of products we prepare to place in any hospital, clinical, or institutional environment.

  Proprietary track system

  Our 5000 series has 18 different styles, which can meet the needs of many different settings. Rail curtains can be configured to accommodate doorways and beds and can be adapted to ceilings with challenging features. Lamps, inclined areas, vents, and other obstacles can be accommodated by pipes and suspensions of components.

  Each layout design includes the following components:

  One-stop shop

  One-stop pull-out

  Three per foot track

  Aluminum track

  Any other materials used to complete the selected track system

  The 7000 series is made of anodized aluminum and can be used with buttonhole curtains and IV systems. Three standard configurations are provided; straight length, 45-degree bend, 90-degree bend, and custom bend can be provided. Our website is:


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