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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a globally accepted international standard published by international standardization organization (ISO), it pushes the company to manage information and protect it. The current version of this standard is published in 2013 with 10 clauses and 114 controls. The previous version of the standard was published in 2005, it was developed by modeling.

ISO 27001 requirements 

Organization planning to implement ISO 27001, there are several steps that an organization has to go through to achieve ISO 27001 certification in Bangalore.

1. Take management support 

Organization implementing ISO 27001 first steps to management, to move forward, the main reason why ISO        27001 projects fail – management is not providing enough resources to implement the standard. For the very same reason its mandatory to go through management.

2. Define the scope

Larger or small organization planning to implement ISO 27001.Failing which will lead to a bigger risk.

3. Information security policy 

One of the key documents in your ISMS – it should be specific, with key issues of the organization addressed .It should highlight the true purpose of implementing ISO 27001, what it wants to achieve, and how to control it.

4. Risk assessment methodology 

The key task in the ISO 27001 implementation is risk assessment – the point is to identify the assets, vulnerabilities, threats, impacts and likelihood, and to define the acceptable level of risk. Not defining the same shall be lead to results which are not fruitful.

5. Perform the risk assessment and treatment 

This will help to reduce the occurrence of not acceptable risks. Risk report has been written, which documents all the steps taken during the risk assessment and the risk treatment process.

7. Maintain statement of applicability 

In order to bring down the risk, it is very important to implement the controls in the standard (Annexure) .the same has to be documented. This document is actually an implementation plan focused on your controls.

8. Perform awareness programs 

To help employees implement the policies and procedures, first steps and the implementation of ISMS.

9. Take action 

Once the controls are implemented, it is the responsibility of the employees to record ISMS .This record will act as a key document during ISMS auditing and monitoring.

10. Internal Audit 

A simple and effective tool available in ISO, performed to check on how strong the system / process is constructed. This activity is performed by the processors with the help of ISO consultant. If any to be changed / improved items are picked up during the audit, the items are pushed to Management for the corrective action.

11. Management Review Meeting 

Internal audit gap and to be improved.

12. Shade Audit 

Consultant will perform a pre-assessment to check the system is in compliance with the Standard, Customer, legal and organization requirements. This is performed before the External Audit.

13 .. External Audit 

Final assessment on the system is performed by a certified Auditor.ISO 27001 consultant in Bangalore will assist the team during the audit.

ISO  27001 certification in Bangalore

What is the exact structure of ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 10 clauses, plus Annex A. Clauses 1-3 are just the introduction and not mandatory, while clauses 4 to 10 are mandatory the standards requirements. Statement of applicability has been implemented.

Clause 1: scope – Narrates to all organization this standard can be implemented.

Clause 2: Normative references – this refers to ISO 27000 where elements are given to implement ISO 27001

Clause 3: Terms and definitions – Refers to ISO 27000

Clause 4: Context de l’organization – ce clause de la gestion des Deming cycle (PDCA) and defining requirements for the understanding of external and internal issues, and the definition of ISMS scope.

Clause 5: Leadership – this clause defines top management responsibilities, setting the roles and responsibilities, and developing information security policy.

Clause 6: Planning – helps organization to perform risk assessment.

Clause 7: Support – define the requirements for availability of resources, skills, communication and control of documents and records.

Clause 8: Operation – pushes organization to implement the items defined under clause 6, so that the information security objectives are meet.

Clause 9: Performance evaluation – this clause helps organization to perform internal audit and management reviews.

Clause 10: Improvement – defines the requirements for non-conformities, corrections and continual improvement.

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