Many users will encounter such a problem when using Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits. The pump oil cannot be sucked up, and the pressure can not rise, causing the vane pump to fail to work normally. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

The possible reasons are the speed problem, that is, the motor speed is too low to meet the minimum speed requirement of the pump. The steering problem, that is, the reverse direction of the motor, everything is for nothing. Insufficient oil, that is, the vane pump cannot absorb oil because the oil level is too low; oil pipe problem, that is, the oil is sufficient, but the suction pipe is blocked by sundries, resulting in oil not sucking up; oil problem, that is, the oil viscosity is too high, The resistance received by the oil suction is too large and the oil cannot be sucked; the problem of high and low pressure oil, that is, the poor contact between the oil distribution plate and the shell, causes the high and low pressure oil to communicate, resulting in insufficient pressure. The blade problem, that is, the clearance between the blade and the rotor slot is too small, which makes the blade move in the slot inflexibly. The problem of the pump body, that is, the pump body has casting defects such as sand particles and shrinkage holes, which make the high and low pressure oil communicate.

Therefore, first check whether it is a motor problem, whether the speed is too slow, and whether the steering is reversed. Secondly, check the fuel tank to see if the fuel is sufficient. Third, check the suction pipe to see if there is any blockage. Fourth, use No. 20 mechanical oil or special hydraulic oil with appropriate viscosity. Fifth, re-grind the blades to maintain a proper fit clearance. Sixth, re-grind the two contact planes of the oil distribution plate, and their parallelism should be kept within 0.005mm. Finally, replace the Fixed Vane Pumps body with a new one.


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