Vaginal Speculum Mould suppositories are solid preparations that are made into a certain shape of suppositories with medical suppository molds for administration in the human cavity. It is used to treat patients with gynecological vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis and non-specific vaginitis with antibacterial and insecticidal effects.

The preparation method of gynecological suppository is very simple

1. After cleaning the medical suppository mold, spray some release agent on the surface of the mold, and then tighten the fastening nut on the mold.

2. Pour the liquid medicine, after the liquid medicine cools, use a blade to scrape the surface of the medical suppository mold, remove the excess liquid medicine, make the medical suppository mold face down, loosen the upper mold with a nut, and then turn it over to make the medical suppository mold The nut is up.

3. Loosen the bolts, separate the two mold pieces, and eject the Needleless Injection Site suppository medicine.


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