World of Warcraft – Warlock

    Warlock is a profession in the online game World of Warcraft. The warlock is a profession that devote the soul to the darkness in pursuit of the power of the world. Can be very strong and weak, the skinny body seems to be blown down by a gust of wind, using blood as a medium to summon a variety of powerful dark creatures for their own use. A seemingly no lethal spell can torture the enemy to death. There are warlocks in a variety of games.

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    Career profile

    In the face of demonic power, most heroes can only face death. The warlock saw a glimmer of life. Their goal is to dominate, and they found a way in dark magic. These greedy casters summon the demon servants to fight alongside them. Initially, they controlled only a few devils. But with the development of warlock knowledge, the succubus, the loyal emptiness walker, and the terrible hell dog joined the warlock’s team, and they frantically smashed the guys who were on their master’s path.

    Warlocks can burn enemies in the distance with burning flames, causing them to fall into fear and pain, or torment them through corrosive diseases and the curse of stealing the vitality of the victims. These heretical practitioners are frightening throughout Azeroth, and many prefer to fight alongside them and not to fight against them.


    Warlocks are obsessed with the mage who studies the roots of demonic power. Enticed by the knowledge of darkness, swallowed by greed, they pursue chaotic magic from outside the world. The Burning Legion provides them with their own power, allowing them to resort to devastating energy and summoning the messengers of their demon masters.

    Races to choose from: humans, gnomes, dwarves, werewolves, blood elves, orcs, undead, goblins, trolls, void elves, black iron dwarves, sons of night.

    Type: Debt spell and continuous damage spell caster.

    Standard value slot: health/manual value.

    Equipment that can be used: cloth armor.

    Weapons that can be used: daggers, wands, one-handed swords, and staff.

    to introduce a job


    There are powerful damage spells (mainly through time) and debuff spells, which complement each other and match the skills of other team members. They have curses in a variety of situations; in fact, they can easily become the best debuffing magician in the game. Their pets can also help increase damage and give the Warlock extra skills.


    They can also use the temptation and expulsion to control the crowd well and provide limited help in the form of the stones they summon. What we are talking about now is not how to play games. One of the most fascinating features of a profession is that players have a deep understanding of their specificity and ultimately master their operations!

    The Demon Warlock is more « massive » than the other Warlocks. They can summon a more advanced, more demon than the common Warlock, and open a Portal that constantly summons the Devil and strengthens it. Demon soldier. They enjoy the thrill of domination and command, master a whole army of demons, and use their own power to make them more deadly.


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