World of Warcraft Warrior Weapon Skills

« World of Warcraft » warrior weapon system Mortal Strike (weapons exclusive skills), lethal blows in the 0.8 version just appeared when there is no cooling, according to the basic damage caused by a certain percentage of damage to the instant attack skills, in Added to the 0.9 version of the cooling, in the 1.2 version changed to a normal damage plus additional damage.

After the Warcraft 6.0 version, the lethal blow can be increased by the proficiency attribute and is quickly affected by the cooldown.


Suitable for melee range, the instant burst only takes 4.5 seconds to cool down. Need melee weapons, such as weapons such as knives, arrows, and daggers.

A brutal raid that inflicts 175% weapon damage and 2694 damage on the target, and the effect of a lethal

Produces 10 rage. Seriously hurts the target, reducing all healing effects for 10 seconds. WOW Classic Gold is a very useful auxiliary tool that can help you win in the game. The role of Cheap WOW Classic Gold is the same. Players can buy gold coins to experience the thrill of winning in the game.

Related talent

1. Enhance the lethal strike (the eighth line of the weapon line) to increase the damage of the lethal strike by 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%, and reduce the cooldown of the lethal strike by 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 seconds .

2. Puncture (fourth line of weapons) can increase critical strike damage by 10%/20%.

3. Tactical mastery (the second line of weapons) can increase the threat value of lethal strikes in defensive posture.

4. Dominance (the eighth line of the Warfare Department) increases the critical strike by 25% after the charge.

Equipment and props

The Tier 5 Raid Set’s 4-piece suit reduces the anger of the lethal Strike by 5 points.

The Tier 6 Raid Set’s 4-piece suit boosts damage from death strikes by 5%.

A lethal blow is a skill that is affected by the standard speed of the weapon.

The lethal blow is the signature skill of the warrior. In the PVP has a pivotal position, although recent versions have been similar to the skills of lethal blows, but the status of lethal strike is still in the first. Buying Classic WOW Gold now will not only save a lot of money, but also provide you with advice and help. Our website is:


1. Lethal Strike In the first version of the 0.8 version, there is no cooling. Instant attack skill that causes a certain percentage of damage according to the base damage. It is added to the 0.9 version and is cooled. In the 1.2 version, it is changed to an ordinary damage and additional damage. .

Mortal Strike Currently in other versions, the effect of enriching talent plus glyph is 120% weapon damage plus 456 damage, 10% damage, 1 second CD, and 10% damage on Rune.


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