World of Warcraft’s strongest warlock

    Professional characteristics

    Soul shard

    Some spells of the Warlock require Soul Shards to be released. You can use the Soul Soul spell on a dying monster. When the other party dies from this spell, you can get the Soul Shard. It’s important to note that only killing enemies with experience or honor can get soul fragments, so you can’t expect to kill debris by killing low-level enemies.

    Draining the soul is a guiding spell, so you can’t do anything else when you use it, such as moving, attacking, releasing another spell, etc. If you want this spell to work, you must stand still and learn how to It is very challenging to do this correctly.

    In the early versions, a soul shard occupies one space in your package, which means you can’t carry too much debris with you. However, you still need to leave some spare pieces in your backpack to summon your pet or use some powerful spells. Soul fragments can’t be stacked, so you can’t pile up a lot of debris. If you find yourself without soul fragments, you must find them without using them, which is a real challenge. However, the warlock’s imps can still be summoned even if they don’t use the soul shards, so you can use them to get the soul shards and then change to a more powerful pet.


    In later versions, Soul Shards became proprietary to Pain Warlocks (other talents used detonation ash and demonic energy), and instead of occupying a backpack, they were used as a second energy consuming tank, and the way to get it became easier. You can use these Soul Shards to mobilize more powerful abilities or to reinforce common abilities.

    In the Legion Reappearance version, the destructive ash of the Destruction and the demonic energy of the Demon are removed, and all Warlocks return to the stage of using Soul Shard.


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    Professional talent

    Warlocks have formed three talents: « pain », « devil knowledge » and « destruction » due to the different focus of the attack.

    The painful warlock is good at bringing the pain and disaster to the opponent’s body, and then watching the opponent gradually weaken. Because these illnesses and disasters are long and harmful, opponents often die slowly in these tortures instead of “getting a quick one”. Usually, cruel hell dogs are their most loyal servants. The evil magician can summon a demon more powerful than the other two talents. By controlling these powerful demons, they can win even if they stand by.

    Of course, this is just a metaphor, and it is actually impossible. And by coordinating with the devil, he can also become a demonic form similar to Missy, and gain amazing power. Whether it is a cruel hellhound or a burly demon guardian, or even a dexterous little devil and a tempting succubus, you can win for their masters as long as they look at the timing. The Destruction Warlock is good at using the flame, and can explode the force in an instant, so that the opponent can quickly kill. In their lonely journey, the chattering devils are their best companions.


    Pain Warlocks are relatively gentle (just in the Warlock’s position), they focus on using the curse to deal with enemies, and these various weakening spells and catastrophic damage spells make them more diverse than the average caster. Most of these magics don’t need to stand in one place like ordinary magic to stay focused, and then spend a few seconds spelling spells – they are the curse of instant release. However, these magics will not kill the enemy at once, but will weaken their physical strength, speed and spellcasting ability, and gradually lose their lives as time goes by, and will be transformed into the warlock’s own power.


    The greatest pleasure of a warrior with a painful specialization is to see the enemy struggle under various seemingly mild curses and finally to death. They are more inclined to the traditional tactics, that is, to summon a follower with the defensive power of the wall, such as the Voidwalker to resist the opponent’s attack, and hide behind the demon to quietly cast a spell until the enemy dies. The painful warlock’s spell uses pure shadow energy.


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